What is e-Key?

It is a device that uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connectivity and connects wirelessly to your e-Charger. This key fob allows you to enable and disable your charger completely wirelessly, without the need to do so from the V2C Cloud app, the V2C Cloud web platform or the e-Charger’s keypad.

The e-Key technology saves time and makes it easy to use the e-Charger.

How can I link e-Key with the charger?

To link the e-Key to your charger, go to your e-Charger and follow these steps:

1. Log in to the app and select the charger.
2. Select the settings icon at the top right.
3. Go to ‘Bluetooth
4. Click on the button to activate the keychains.
5. Go back to the settings
and click on ‘Modify
Bluetooth keychain’.
6. Click on the ‘+’
and add the name of
the key fob.
7. Bring your key fob close to the
front screen of the e-Charger
to be detected.
8. Key ring added. Delete it
or change the name
at any time.

NOTE: It is recommended to turn off the e-Key when you have enabled or disabled the e-Charger.