Installer Course
of electric car charger

Free training on the installation of the Trydan charger

Get to know in depth the most demanded charger on the market and acquire all the necessary skills for its installation.


The aim of our electric car charger installer course is to train technicians in the entire installation process of our Trydan chargers. Always in compliance with current local and state regulations.

On the other hand, we seek to raise awareness of current business opportunities for professionals in this sector.

Who it is aimed at

This course is aimed at installers and electricians who want to install Trydan charging points. Those who want to specialise in the best e-Charger on the market and take the opportunity to grow professionally.

In addition, it is also perfect for professionals who are just starting out in the sector.

Course content

Chapter 1

Features, installation and assembly

  • Product overview
  • Screws and wall mounting
  • Electrical installation
  • Dynamic Power Control

Chapter 2


  • Product pairing
  • Minimum settings
  • Display messages and illumination

Chapter 3

e-Chargers with photovoltaic energy

  • Ways of connecting a charging point to photovoltaics
    • Connection to the V2C 2.0 slave
    • Direct connection with inverters on the market
    • Connection via meter installation
  • V2C Cloud App connection

Why do the Installer course

With this course you will acquire the necessary skills to install a Trydan charger. You will learn all the advantages of this electric charger, allowing you to save time and money in its installation.

In addition, the electric vehicle market is booming, so you will be entering a sector of the future with great possibilities of acquiring a place in the professional market.

The best of all? The course is totally FREE and with no timetable. Do it when and where you want.


Completing the electric car charger installer course is quick and easy:

  1. Register and request access to the course
  2. View the content of the chapters
  3. Download your diploma certifying the completion of the installation course