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With all the potential of Trydan

Trydan Pro is the perfect evolution of Trydan.
Access the Trydan Support Area to discover more helpful materials.

Discover more content for professionals

V2C Installer Panel

Remotely access the e-Chargers you have installed, view their information in real time and adjust the configuration to resolve any issues.

Installation diagrams

Identifies the correct way to install dynamic power control in a PV system according to the metering device and the type of installation.

Exploded view and single-line diagram

Shows the simplified electrical connection, facilitating the installation and maintenance of the e-Charger.

Installation template

Simplify installation by using a template to mark the points where the charger is to be bolted.

Do you need technical support?

Generate a request in the Technical Support Centre and we will contact you as soon as possible to offer you the best solution.