Adaptability, design and limitless efficiency.

POLE is the exclusive e-Charger able to efficiently meet any needs of charging in public and private environments.

Pole offers unprecedented flexibility: Floor-standing model or wall-mounted, both are available and will add refinement and versatility to the installation environment.

pole echarger v2c

Ultra-resistant material

Made from high-strength steel with anti-graffiti coating, perfect for resisting extreme conditions and possible acts of vandalism.

Advanced technology

Pole has a screen layout showing relevant charging information, which fits perfectly into a compact and elegant frame.

Common use

Sharing the e-Charger with multiple users has never been easier. Pole allows secure charging via RFID cards or the cross-platform app V2C Cloud.

Cutting-edge connection

Pole has Ethernet connection, RFID reader, the access to V2C Cloud app and the communication protocol OCPP & XML.

Disruptive design. Revolutionary technology.

An extraordinary combination between elegance and robustness. Thanks to its antivandalic design reinforced by an interior protection and a locking door, Pole meets perfectly private and public institutions’ and petrol stations’ expectations.

Pole is adapted to any needs, floor-standing or wall-mounted versions, you choose. And its flexibility goes further: Pole is able to be configured with 1 or 2 sockets and 1 or 2 hoses.


With its limitless connectivity, you can manage and control charging from the cross-platform app V2C Cloud. From its simple and intuitive interface you can check and download charging statistics made by multiple users.


Made of resistant materials and an impeccable vandal-proof design.


Manage the load and consult the load history.


Inclusion in different platforms thanks to the integration of the OCPP protocol.

One e-Charger. Several users. Controlled from V2C Cloud.

Manage and control the charging of several users through the cross-platform app V2C Cloud. Grant access to users, check your charging status in real time and download your consumption history.

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