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Very satisfied with the charger. It is easy and simple to use, both for charging and for controlling the charges through the application. Additionally, I can schedule them and not have to worry about anything.

Núria V.

The best electric vehicle charger currently on the market, our own production and a Valencian company. 100% recommendable

Eduardo C.

Very happy with their service and impeccable staff treatment.

Juan M.

Charger working perfectly and great customer service. They have responded immediately. I recommend 100%

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    Our extensive network includes the most recognized installers

    We have the largest network of qualified installers internationally to guarantee a perfect service.

    Manuel Amate (DomoElectra), Juan Castro, or Germán Cayetano (Electricidad FP) are some of the technicians who are part of the official V2C installer network.

    Chargers you can install

    cargador eléctrico trydan


    The most recommended option for community garages and single-family homes.

    Trydan Pro

    With all the potential of Trydan and the ability to be shared in business environments.

    pole pro v2c

    Pole Pro

    A solid and intelligent e-Charger for multiple users in public spaces.

    We answer your possible questions

    Can I apply for subsidies when installing a V2C charger?

    Of course! By installing our chargers, you can benefit from the aid and subsidies aimed at promoting electric mobility.

    Is your charger compatible with my vehicle model?

    Yes. V2C e-Chargers are compatible with all brands and models of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles on the market.

    What type of electric charger do I need?

    When choosing a charger, you must take into account various factors. For example, where the installation will take place (home, business, or public road), whether the installation is single-phase or three-phase, or if you will use solar energy to charge your electric vehicle. The most installed e-Charger in private homes is Trydan, an intelligent charger with unique photovoltaic integration.

    For more information, you can review our article on the differences between a single-phase and three-phase charger and the most frequently asked questions about installing an electric charger at home.

    Once I have bought or installed my charger, will I receive technical support?

    Of course! Once your charger is installed, our Technical Support team will be available to provide you with continuous assistance if you have any questions or need additional help.

    Additionally, we have a Support Area where we continuously publish content to make the most of your e-Charger and answer the most frequently asked questions.

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