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Intelligence and ultimate control at your fingertips

With Trydan, you will discover a new way of charging: the most original and smartest known so far.

A revolutionary design composed of an avant-garde style that brings grace and functionality.


The perfect evolution with total connectivity

Stay always connected with Trydan Pro. 4G technology and Ethernet for instant and uninterrupted internet access.

Identify multiple users and ensure accessible and secure charging through its RFID/NFC technology.


The smartest and most profitable charge sharing solution

Pole Pro integrates the latest technology to offer the most efficient charging for multiple users in public and private spaces.

An elegant, robust design with the best connectivity for the most demanding environments in its two versions, floor or wall.


The first and unique e-Charger that integrates advertising

Screen develops a new technology never seen before. This exceptional charging station is able to charge any EV and, at the same time, display personalized ads.

Be amazed by the presence of its large 43-inch LED screen.


Lightness and design wherever you go

You can travel without changing your route. EV Portable is a light, compact e-Charger and is easy to transport.

Its small dimensions and its maximum power will be your best partner during any of your trip.

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