Trydan Pro

Discover the perfect evolution

Full connectivity even in environments without coverage

4G technology with included SIM card

Always connected quickly and conveniently thanks to 4G technology and its included SIM card. Enjoy instant access to the Internet.

Full connectivity with

Ensures uninterrupted connectivity even in areas without coverage thanks to the network cable connection.

Designed to make the most of charge sharing


With integrated NFC and RFID technology, multi-user charging is easier than ever. Customers and employees simply touch their NFC card or device to the e-Charger to initiate charging.

Simple payments

Easily grant access, monitor real-time uploads and manage payments for all users.

With the latest OCPP technology

Trydan Pro integrates seamlessly into all public or private charging networks and management systems.

Improve your customers’ experience

An ideal charger for environments such as hotels or shopping centres, making it a key added value.

With Trydan’s full potential

Direct connection to your solar inverter

Trydan Pro connects wirelessly to the leading inverters on the market to optimise solar energy like never before.

Integrated with leading intelligent assistants

It allows you to automate charging thanks to the integration of Trydan Pro with home automation systems such as Home Assistant or voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Home.

Proximity locking and unlocking of the e-Charger

With V2C SmartLock technology, the charger automatically unlocks when it detects your smartwatch, activity tracker or the car itself.

Purchase your e-Charger from our online store

Prefer purchasing your charger directly? Explore our online store, choose the ideal model for your requirements, and unlock numerous advantages.

Free express delivery

100% secure payment

Feel in control with

V2C Cloud

You can manage the charging of your devices with total flexibility through the free V2C Cloud platform. Activate or deactivate charging, adjust the intensity according to your needs and block access to the charger if necessary.

In addition, you can manage multiple users, grant access, assign RFID cards and monitor real-time charging progress as well as detailed statistics for efficient and transparent power consumption management.

Download the Trydan Pro manual and 

Access the Support Area

Solve all your doubts about installation and operation of the Trydan Pro e-Charger.

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