A revolutionary design.
Intelligence and the ultimate control at your fingertips.

With Trydan V2C, you will discover a new way of charging: the most innovative and smartest known so far.

An exclusive design with an avant-garde style bringing elegance and functionality. 

Trydan is synonym for Tryconnection

To your phone.

Enjoy all the advantages of V2C Cloud app connecting by WiFi or Bluetooth: control the charge, check statistics, and schedule according to your needs.

To Alexa.

Imagine saying “Alexa, start charging my electric car”. With Trydan, it’s a reality. Your voice submits orders and Alexa executes them.

To your solar panels.

Trydan has the most complete photovoltaic integration system which allows you to charge directly from solar power.

All in one

The electrical protections, inside the charger. Trydan facilitates a quick and economical installation, bringing elegance to any space.

Dynamic Load Management

It identifies the total energy consumption in real-time and adjusts the charge to avoid overloading.

Limitless connectivity

Trydan is the only e-Charger that allows full control through Telegram app thanks to the V2C Bot.

Automatic re-arming

In the event of a power outage, all you have to do is lower and raise the home’s automatic power supply so that Trydan can charge your car again.

Ultimate photovoltaic integration.

Trydan V2C incorporates the most advanced photovoltaic integration system on the market. It has been meticulously designed to maximize the energy produced by your solar panels, offering you exclusive functionalities:

Surplus charging

Charge your electric vehicle only with the solar excess without needing energy from the grid.

Establish a direct connection to your inverter

Trydan connects wirelessly to your inverter* without the need to install additional meter clamps.

Adapt to different time slots

Charge your car using energy exclusively from the grid, from excess or a combination of both. Choose a mode for each time slot or day – with Trydan you have full control of the PV!

* Trydan is compatible with all solar inverters. Wirelessly, it establishes a direct connection to GoodWeFroniusHuaweiIngeteamKostal, SMA, SolarEdge, SolaXVictron and Shelly and Wibeee meters.

Other features that make Trydan unbeatable

OCPP communication

Compliant with OCPP 1.6 JSON protocol for integration to management platforms.

Home Assistant integration

Automate charging thanks to the integration of Trydan in the Home Assistant home automation system.

Open API for developers

Includes an open API to allow developers to customize the software at will.

An e-Charger with continuous improvements

We add updates and new features on an ongoing basis to ensure an unparalleled e-Charger. We keep you constantly informed about the latest news and changes made by the development team.

Control the charge from your phone.

Enjoy the advantages of V2C Cloud App

responsive v2c cloud

Schedule your charge

Trydan raises user’s experience to the next level. Relax, your electric car is charging! Thanks to its in-built intelligence, you can schedule charging at times electricity has the lowest cost.

Be in control

Turn on / off your charger, select the intensity, block your charger or check all statistics: time, cost, power usage, and energy consumption.

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