V2C Payments

Share and monetise your e-Charger with other users.

V2C Payments is a simple payment system available at V2C charging stations.

It allows you to monetise your e-Charger by offering its use to other e-mobility users.

V2C Payments App

Benefits of V2C Paymentsts

Free of charge

Registering your e-Charger is completely free of charge. You also pay no monthly costs for its use.

Intuitive interface

The V2C Payments extension is designed in an intuitive and simple way to make it easy for any user to use.

Return on investment

By activating Payments you can make a profit by sharing your e-Charger with other users.

Customise your tariffs

You decide the cost of the charge. You can even customise the price of the rates by time slots and days.

Two differents roles


The promoter, owner of the e-Charger, has full control of the charger via the V2C Cloud web portal.

He automatically receives the revenue from other users’ charges in his bank. 


The user is the person who wants to use the e-Charger. Just scan the QR code on the charger and select the desired charging time.

Check all charges, payments and invoices in the app

How does V2C Payments work for developers?

Go to the e-Charger settings and select Payments.

Activate the Payments mode. You can access the V2C Payments Manual where all the detailed processes are explained.

Design and personalise the tariff of your choice.

Select the type of payment: instant or end of month.

Monitor and configure all transactions from the V2C Cloud portal.

Receive your income in the indicated account number.

How does V2C Payments work for users?

Download the V2C Cloud App and register as a new user.

Go to the Payments section.

Scan the QR code on the e-Charger or enter the charger’s ID number. 

Select the charging time.

Add your credit card.

Keep track of your payments and invoices at all times from the “User Data” section of the App. You can download invoices in PDF format.