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Can we help you with the charge?

Calibrate the charger

Sometimes it is necessary to readjust the pilot control, the cable that connects the e-Charger to the vehicle and identifies that the two are connected.

Update the latest version

We are continuously working to improve the functionality of our products. The latest firmware version includes improvements and new features.

Verifies the configuration of the
dynamic power control

It is essential to define precisely the parameters of this section must be precisely defined in order to for its optimal functioning.

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Installation manual

The installation manual contains detailed instructions for a safe and efficient installation of Trydan.

V2C Installer Panel

Remotely access the e-Chargers you have installed, view their information in real time and adjust the configuration to resolve any issues.

Installation diagrams

Identifies the correct way to install dynamic power control in a PV system according to the metering device and the type of installation.

Exploded view and single-line diagram

Shows the simplified electrical connection, facilitating the installation and maintenance of the e-Charger.

Leak detector

Please refer to the instructions if you are going to install this device capable of detecting possible DC leakage.

Remote control

Allows remote control to enable and disable the electric vehicle charging point with just one click.

Infinite impedance

This function makes it possible to reset the entire installation from the main switchboard of the home installation without the need to do it also at the e Charger.

Installation template

Simplify installation by using a template to mark the points where the charger is to be bolted.

Technical data sheet
of electrical protections

Trydan includes the option to add
electrical protections inside the


Do you want to know in detail the configuration and commissioning of the charger?



Which inverters is Trydan compatible with?

Trydan is compatible with all solar inverters on the market and is able to connect wirelessly with many of the most popular inverters. At https://v2charge.com/trydan/ you can check which inverters are available for wireless integration. If the inverter with which the installation is to be carried out is not on the list, the connection will have to be made with the installation of current clamps in the main switchboard of the home, respecting the type of installation.

What to do in case of “Communication Error”?

Communication errors in the device can be indicated on the display as: “Communication error”, “T=Error 2” or “T=Message error”. In these cases:
1– Check that the Trydan version is higher than 1.4.4 and the V2C Cloud app version is higher than 2.0. If this is not the case, both systems must be updated.
2– If the error persists, it is advisable to check the clamps and verify that the UTP cable is correctly crimped to the RJ45 connector.
3– If the problem persists after performing the above procedures, the V2C ControlBox must be replaced.
4– Check that the current clamp and the installation diagram have been selected correctly.

How to link the e-Charger to the V2C Cloud app?

1– Download the app and register on the platform. Do not forget to verify the registration from the confirmation email.
2– Select the “+” icon at the top right of the main screen.
3– Enter the ID of the team displayed on the sticker on the side and the name you want to assign to it. You can also do this by scanning the QR code.
4– To finish linking the device, you will need to have an Internet connection. If this is not the case due to the characteristics of the location, you will have to look for an area with coverage and finish the pairing process via Bluetooth.

Why doesn’t Dynamic Power Control work?

1– Check that the correct meter is selected from the app.
2– Check that the energy consumption is configured in relation to the contracted power.
3– Check that the clamps are correctly positioned. To do this, it is advisable to carry out a consumption test without having the car connected.

Why does the Trydan display not light up?

Due to connection problems.
1– Check that the P4 jumper connection to the power board is correctly positioned.
2– Check that the IDE cable is in optimum condition.
3– As a last resort, the surge device should be replaced.

What do I need to know in order to schedule a charge?

All charging will be scheduled from the V2C Cloud app. Each time a charge is scheduled, a countdown will appear on the device’s display showing the time remaining until the charge starts. It is important that this is not interpreted as the scheduled time. It can also happen that a charge is programmed and does not start correctly. If this happens, check that the car does not have any scheduled charging and verify that you have the latest app update.


What do the LED lighting colours in the logo mean?

Do you need technical support?

Generate a request in the Technical Support Centre and we will contact you as soon as possible to offer you the best solution.