How do I connect my e-Charger V2C to Wifi?

According the model you have, the process has to be done in different way. But there are two commons items: you have to do it from mobile application and activate Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth use requires location for most of the Android devices.

The connection between the e-Charger and the app is via Bluetooth.

  1. The first option is to active it while pairing your device and to stay near of it. If you cannot pair it near your device or if the Bluetooth is not activated, you can leave it out for later.
  2. The second option is to do it from the menu.

When the e-Charger will be connected to Internet (by Wifi, Ethernet or 4G), a wave signal icon will appear. If the Bluetooth connection is available, its icon will also appear on the app.

If you have Bluetooth connection you can access to your equipment from the main menu. You can register the e-Charger in Bluetooth mode and go to its configuration page.

The equipment without Bluetooth connection configuration can be configured by Wifi.

ajuste de configuración wifi en v2c cloud

By going to the configuration menu, you can select your Wifi in the bottom part.

If your Wifi is activated, on Android devices, the app will show you automatically available networks. Otherwise, you have to enter the SSID name of the Wifi respecting capital and small letters written on the router and enter the password.

Depending on the equipment, you must reboot it at this time. After few minutes, the e-Charger will appear with Internet connection on the app. In case it doesn’t, check if the Wifi password is correct. You can find more information on “how to know if my equipment is connected” in the e-Charger manual.

Always connect the device to an Internet network with a good signal or install Wifi repeater for avoiding any disconnection or dysfunction problems.

Wifi networks with any type of security protections (firewall), DHCP blocker, port closure, etc… and related to companies have to be configured by a technical manager. For more information, please visit our support service.