How do I connect my e-Charger to Bluetooth?

You can configure your e-Charger, check your statistics and your charge in real time remotely via Bluetooth connection. However, this connection remains more limited than using via Wifi connection.

Not all equipments have Bluetooth functionalities, only those intended for private use in communal garage. The most advanced equipments intended to be connected via Internet, only have this connection for transferring the Wifi password.

You can enter via Bluetooth with mobile platforms, on Android or Iphone devices.

Be close to the e-Charger (Bluetooth distance varies, but more 10 meters away and the communication getting worse and slower.

On the e-Charger’s screen, the Bluetooth icon will directly appear and be activated. You can use your e-Charger via Bluetooth.

If there is no connection in your garage, we recommend you to open the app on your mobile ,before, when you have connection to update statistics. The first time, Internet connection is necessary to open the app and then, the app will keep you as user.

Via Bluetooth you will be able to do:

  • All the e-Charger configuration
  • Locking/ Unlocking
  • Check in real time the charge
  • Change the charge power in real time
  • Pause the charge
  • Schedule timers
  • Manage the Dynamic Power Control (with photovoltaics or without)
  • Upload statistics to the cloud (you can check them without being connected with the e-Charger)
  • Others functionalities.

If the Bluetooth is not connected, there are some solutions:

  1. Reset the phone
  2. Close the app (see how to close it) and open it again.
  3. Turn Bluetooth off and on again.