How to unlock Trydan e-Charger?

You can lock or unlock Trydan e-Charger through the app to to prevent use by unauthorized third parties. The lock of the e-Charger, does not allow the use of the charger by anyone, even if you are its owner. That means if you connect your car to the e-Charger but it is locked, it will not charge your car.

How to lock and unlock my e-Charger?

It can be done by two ways, by Bluetooth or Wifi. On both cases, you can do it from the main page and from the e-Charger page. If the material is locked, you have to unlock it before entering on the e-Charger.

Let’s look on some image.

On this image, you have two e-Chargers locked. If you want to access to them, you have first to unlock them. One is by Bluetooth and the other by Wifi.
On the e-Charger’s page you can lock it, by clicking on the lock.

Connecting by Bluetooth, if the mobile detected our e-Charger, you have to click on the “refresh” botton to know about the e-Charger’s state. If it is not locked, you can access to the e-Charger.

Connecting by Bluetooth, you have to refresh it before to know its state clicking on the arrow.
Once refreshed, you will know if it is connected or not.

Lights when e-Charger is locked.

If your e-Charger is locked, you will notice it on the screen. If your device doesn’t have screen, the light will remain off and will flash a small white light every 10 seconds.

Any solution before I am no more able to unlock my e-Charger?

For whatever reason you can have this problem, your app or application doesn’t work, you don’t have your phone, you lost your account, something doesn’t work well and you need to unlock your e-Charger (locked for you before). You just have to turn off the current of the protections (internal or external), wait 5 seconds, and then turn them on again. The e-Charger will always start unlocked.