How to schedule the recharging of my car?

You can schedule the recharging easily on the e-Chargers having V2C Cloud.

From the APP

Available on equipments with Bluetooth or Wifi. Go to the app and click on the e-Charger.

Click on “calendar”.

You have two timers. Timer 1 and 2, select on which day of the week you want to activate them and it can work with both at the same time. For example, on Monday from 4:30pm to 6:30pm on the timer 1 and the 2 on Monday from 7:14pm to 8:00pm. So between 6:30 and 7:14 the recharging point will be at a standstill.

Once scheduled, it will indicate, on the main page, the next time the next recharging can be made.

Why does my e-Charger lower my recharging power at the last minute of recharging?

From V2C Cloud

The process is very similar to the last one. Go on the e-Charger.