Integration of the Solis inverter with Trydan

The Trydan charging point is compatible with SOLIS S6 inverters and is open to the entire range. The connection has to be wired directly to the inverter and cannot be made via WiFi, unlike the vast majority of inverters. Installation is more complex as a cable has to be run, but the setup will be more stable.

First, connect the cable shown in the following image. This cable should be included with the product. If not, ask your distributor for a RS485 Modbus connector (which can also be found online).

The cable connects to COM CABLE, the yellow wire goes to pin 3 and is RS485-A, and the blue wire connects to pin 4 and is RS485-B.

Once connected, we will send a two-wire connection to our eCharger. We recommend using UTP cable to make the installation easier.

Once we reach to the eCharger Trydan, we must connect to the RS485 input inside the charger, behind the lid (we will only use a couple of wires to minimize losses).

The connection must be made as shown in the following image, being enough with two cables.  the 4 connected to the B and the 5 connected to the A.

Configuration of the Solis inverter in the V2C Cloud App

Enter the V2C Cloud App, select the eCharger, and then access the configuration section. Enter Dynamic Power Control and select Solis in the meters section.