MODBUS RTU connection Trydan recharging point for slave meter

The Trydan recharging point is connected via Modbus RTU protocol for two purposes.

  1. Operate the recharge point remotely. Advanced Users see: MODBUS Memory
  2. Obtain data from commercial Smart Meters, for integration as a slave, with photovoltaic compatibility.

Supported Meters

Meters are constantly being added to the current list:

  • Chint DDSU666-H (normally used in Huawei inverters, SAJ…)
  • Eastron (SDM120/220/320)
  • Phoneix Contact
  • Carlo Gavazzi

Electrical Connection

MODBUS RTU connections are made through two wires. The meter must have an A and B port. And that cable has to be taken to our recharge point. The meter must be configured in address 1 and with a Baud Rate of 9600 (this is usually the default configuration, and most PV meters use this configuration by default). The connection goes directly into the RJ45 connector of the recharge point. Being A and B the cables that come out indicated below. The rest of the wires do not need to be connected. 4 B and 5 A. The cable does not matter the type although an ethernet cable is cheaper and is shielded.

Select the corresponding meter in the APP

Attention in photovoltaic mode, all operating modes will work although the customer will not be able to see the photovoltaic generation at the recharge point.