MQTT protocol configuration in Trydan

MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) is a protocol used for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication in the Internet of Things.

The Trydan recharging point can be connected via MQTT, and the following functionalities can currently be realised:

  1. Use of dynamic recharge control. The consumption data of the house, solar energy, battery, can be sent to realise the functions of the dynamic charging control.
  2. Sending consumption data of the car at the recharge point.

Configuration of Dynamic Power Control through MQTT

To configure the Dynamic Recharge Control through MQTT, you must have a broker that sends us the consumption data of the house, photovoltaic, etc…


  • trydan_v2c_sun_power (solar generation of the installation)
  • trydan_v2c_grid_power (border energy meter)
  • trydan_v2c_battery_power (consumption of the solar battery, if any)

We subscribe to those topics that you should send us.

Trydan V2C configuration:

Go to the configuration section and click on Dynamic Reload Control. As meter choose MQTT, and select the IP of your broker as well as the port (by default it usually runs on 1883).

Sending car consumption data via MQTT

It should be configured the same as above, as Topic you have to subscribe will be: trydan_v2c_car_power.