Integration of the e-Charger with home Assistant via OCPP

Home Assistant is one of the most interesting home automation integration platforms on the market. V2C is working on an extension to do it through MODBUS TCP, but currently an OCPP extension can be used for its integration.

The documentation can be viewed on this website: https://home-assistant-ocpp.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

Steps to integration through OCPP:

1. Install HACS, under extensions.

2. Install OCPP Home Assistant and then search for it within HACS.

3. Restart the server

4. Search in OCPP extensions

5. Make the installation with these parameters: the name of the recharging point will be the name of the device and the port will be the device port.

6. Log in to V2C.cloud with your account. Go to the OCPP section and add the configuration as shown in the image with the IP of our Home Assistant, the port and the name we have set. Then the recharge point will restart.

7. Finally, wait to receive data from Home Assistant.

Attention: The intensity modification does not work via home assistant, we are working on it and this functionality will be incorporated in future versions.