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OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) 

OCPP, or Open Charge Point Protocol, is a protocol that enables communication between one or more electric vehicle chargers and a central charging network management system.

The goal of OCPP is to enable an interoperable electric vehicle charging infrastructure. This protocol provides various advantages, such as maintaining a vendor-neutral infrastructure and reducing costs.

Before showing the steps to configure OCPP, it is necessary to take the following considerations into account:

  1. For OCPP to function correctly, a stable Internet connection is essential.
  2. The OCPP service provider is a third-party company, not V2C.
  3. The charge points operate with OCPP 1.6 JSON.

Steps to configure OCPP

Create an account on V2C Cloud

Create an account on the V2C Cloud platform, either from the app or via the web.

Pair your e-Charger

You must add your charge point in V2C Cloud.

Access from the web platform

If accessing from the web portal www.v2c.cloud, select the OCPP section in the left-hand menu of the screen. On entering, the e-Chargers connected to the Internet via WiFi will appear, as OCPP only works on chargers with this connection. Click on the green pencil icon and configure the central station URL following the scheme shown below and the ID. Finally, check that the protocol has been activated in the OCPP box.

Access from the V2C Cloud mobile application

In the app, once you have chosen the e-Charger you wish to configure, select the ‘OCPP’ section within the configuration menu. Activate the protocol and configure the data correctly.
Once the data is completed, press the ‘save’ button to complete the process.