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V2C Cloud configuration

Comfort and control are essential to provide you with the best charging experience for your electric vehicle. That’s why we offer you our V2C Cloud application completely free of charge. This powerful platform gives you full control over your charging sessions and offers you a comprehensive solution to manage your e-Chargers efficiently wherever you are.

Download V2C Cloud and turn every load into a unique experience.

Download the app from your smartphone’s application store.

You can also access the desktop version!

Smart energy management

Dynamic power control

Discover how to set up and personalize dynamic power control to maximize your energy efficiency.

NOTE: In order to enjoy all the possibilities and functionalities offered by V2C Cloud, make sure you have a stable Internet connection.

Access V2C Cloud

Once you have downloaded the application, to access it from the app or from your computer (www.v2c.cloud), you will need to create an account. You have three options:

  • With your email address
  • With your Google account
  • With your Apple account (only available for iOS users)

With your Google or Apple account (only available for iOS users): Click the corresponding button and follow the prompts.

With your email: Click on ‘register here’, enter your details and select ‘create account’.

IMPORTANT: At the end of the registration you will automatically receive a confirmation email. If you do not find it in your inbox, please check your spam or junk mail folder. You will not be able to log in without confirming your email address. If you experience problems registering your email, it may have been previously registered. In case you forget your password, use the password recovery option.

To log in, go to the app or the web platform and enter the email and password you registered with.

To log out follow the instructions in the images below.

V2C Cloud – smartphone version

On the main screen click on the user icon at the top left and on the next screen click on ‘log out’.

V2C Cloud – web version

Click on ‘log out’ located in the vertical menu on the left side of the screen.

Add an e-Charger

You can add a new charger to your user account from the V2C Cloud smartphone application or from the web platform www.v2c.cloud.

It should be noted that once the charger is registered, it can no longer be paired by another person, unless it is deleted. However, the owner of the charger can share it with other users. If the e-Charger is not registered to any device and the ID number is public, it can be registered by a third party without the owner’s consent. Therefore, it is important to perform the first pairing which gives full administrator permissions to the charger.

When you have e-Chargers with multiple sockets, you must pair each connector as if it were an independent charger and enter the corresponding ID for each case.

Once paired, the device can request connection via WiFi. To be able to do this, Bluetooth must be activated. If you do not have it enabled, it is advisable to do this step later by clicking directly on skip WiFi configuration.

V2C Cloud – smartphone version

To pair for the first time, it is necessary to have Internet connection on the cell phone. If there is no coverage, write down the ID number, go to an area where there is coverage and a stable Internet connection.

In the main screen of the app, click on the ‘+’ icon in the upper right corner

You can add your e-Charger* by manually entering the ID number, which can be found on the side label of the device in the S/N or serial number section

*You will be asked for the location at the time of pairing of the charging point, for statistical use and for security. The charger’s ID is an alphanumeric code composed of random characters.

To pair the device by scanning the QR code on the label click on the camera icon

*STEP 2: You will be asked for the location at the time of pairing of the charging point, for statistical use and for security. The charger’s ID is an alphanumeric code composed of random characters.

V2C Cloud – web version

To pair the e-Charger via the web, log in to the v2c.cloud platform and click on the add e-Charger button

Enter the ID number of the charger and assign a name to identify it

Edit my user profile

User data


In the privacy section you can change your user password. Enter an email to receive the steps to reset it.

Billing data

To enter or modify the invoicing data access this section. The name, company, DNI or CIF, among others, are optional and are used to make detailed invoices in the payment service.

Payment transactions

Allows you to see at a glance a complete summary of the transactions performed. In addition to the time spent, the energy charged and the cost of each transaction broken down.


View and download invoices and filter by month for easier searching.

Delete account

If you wish to delete your V2C Cloud account, you can easily do so in this section. Please note that the associated recharge points, as well as the user data and password, are permanently deleted.


Charge completed notifications are useful to know immediately when the vehicle’s charge is complete. You can enable or disable them by following these simple steps.


You can generate a request in the Technical Support Center from the V2C Cloud application as shown in the images
In addition to reporting an incident, you can access informative videos, version history and consult frequently asked questions about our e-Chargers.

From both platforms it is possible, in addition to reporting an incident, to propose improvements and request technical support or send an email. If the solution is not found in our FAQs or in the other sections of the Support Area, you can inform us by generating a ticket and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Bluetooth connection

When the WiFi signal does not reach the charger installation site or is insufficient, you can connect to the e-Charger via Bluetooth. You will be able to operate your charger even when your smartphone is out of range.

Through this connection you can perform all the settings of the charger, as well as view remote statistics, real-time charging, etc. However, it will always be more limited than using it via Internet connection.

These functions via Bluetooth are available on equipment intended for private use in community garages and for smartphones with Android or iOS operating system.

For efficient and high-quality communication, it is advisable to remain within a distance of less than 10 meters from the charger throughout the entire process.

To ensure effective Bluetooth scanning of the e-Charger, it’s vital to activate the location function on your smartphone. This is because we use BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology to minimize battery usage and ensure optimal performance.

With Bluetooth you can perform, among others, the following functions:

Access the entire e-Charger configuration
Lock/unlock (enable/disable)
Check real-time charging status
Change charging power including in real-time
Set timers
Program dynamic power control (for installations with or without photovoltaics)
Upload statistics to the cloud (you can consult them without being connected to the e-Charger)

*The first time you must access the app with an Internet connection, then we will cache your user. It is recommended to open the application when you have an Internet connection so that the charging statistics are updated. The web platform does not work for users with this connection.

WiFi connection

Depending on the e-Charger you have, the process will be done in one way or another. However, they all have in common that to establish communication via WiFi, it is necessary to do so through the V2C Cloud smartphone application and be sure to have a stable connection.

The connection between the charging point and the application is made via Bluetooth, so your smartphone’s Bluetooth signal must be active, and you should be positioned within a short distance from the e-Charger.*

If the network you wish to use does not appear in the list, enter the wireless network data exactly as it appears on the router (respecting uppercase and lowercase letters) and provide the password.

Once the connection is established, the e-Charger will proceed to restart. After a few minutes have passed since the restart, ensure that the WiFi icon on the e-Charger is active. If it’s not, verify that the password is correct.

* The use of Bluetooth requires enabling location services on some Android devices.
Certain company WiFi networks have security measures such as firewalls, DHCP blocking, port closures, etc. In such cases, the technical manager of the company should perform the configuration. For more information, please contact our support service.

General Control

Charging intensity settings without dynamic power control

In chargers that do not have dynamic power control activated or available, you must manually select the fixed power at which you want to charge.

Through the smartphone application
You can select the power at the top of the charger’s main screen by sliding the selector across the horizontal bar.

Through the web portal

On www.v2c.cloud, just below the e-Charger image, by sliding the selector across the horizontal bar.

V2C Cloud – smartphone version

V2C Cloud – web version

Enable / Disable e-Charger

Our e-Chargers can be locked or unlocked, in order to prevent use by unauthorized third parties. This lock prevents the use of the charger by another person, including the owner of the charger. In order to charge a car it will be necessary to unlock the device.

It is possible to perform the locking/unlocking via Bluetooth or WiFi. Depending on your e-Charger model, there are up to four ways to enable or disable your charger:

Option 1through the app

You can lock and unlock it from the main V2C Cloud screen where all available e-Chargers are displayed by clicking on the button shown in the image

It is also possible to lock it by clicking on the padlock icon on the main screen of the charger to be locked

If you are connected via Bluetooth, click on the refresh button to find out the status. If you are locked, you will see it like this:

Option 2through the web platform

Press the padlock icon to lock it from the main screen of the selected charger.

Option 3via the navigation buttons

If your device is a Trydan, activate the shortcuts on the button panel in the ‘special options’ section within the e-Charger settings. With this option enabled, you can lock and unlock the device by pressing the bottom button of the physical navigation buttons on the left side of the e-Charger.

If your charging point is locked, the display or screen will show ‘e-Charger disabled’. If you don’t have a display/screen, the illumination remains off and flashes briefly in white every 10 seconds.

Option 4 – V2C SmartLock

The V2C SmartLock technology of your Trydan e-Charger allows you to wirelessly lock and unlock the charger using an e-Key (smartwatch, activity tracker, key fob, or even your car), which is a device that utilizes BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connectivity.
V2C SmartLock not only simplifies the charging process but also enhances security by automatically locking the charger when you move away from it.

Establish a charging schedule

You can schedule charging via the app for devices with Bluetooth or WiFi, and through the web platform for devices with WiFi.
Once the schedules are defined, the main page of the charger you’ve programmed will display a bell icon next to the calendar. In the case of the smartphone app, it will also indicate the timing of the next charge.

V2C Cloud – smartphone version

Access the charger you wish to schedule, then press the calendar icon

You have 2 timers that allow you to combine different schedules for charging
You can work with both timers together

Select the day of the week and the time you want it to activate, then press the ‘add’ button to save the schedule

V2C Cloud – web version

Access the charger you wish to schedule, then press the calendar icon

You can schedule two different charging timers that you can combine or use separately

After selecting the days and time slots you want to charge, press the ‘add’ button
Once the charging schedule for the charger is set up, it appears as you can see in the image.

Share your e-Charger

To share a charger with a third party, you must do so through the app. In the V2C Cloud platform, you can edit the role and delete a profile, but you cannot add a new one.

When sharing the e-Charger, you will need to choose between viewer or editor roles.

VIEWER: The user can view all data and statistics without making changes.
EDITOR: The user can modify the e-Charger settings, view statistics, and configure RFID cards. They can modify the energy tariff but cannot share the e-Charger with other users.

* En caso de que se comparta un cargador con un correo electrónico diferente al habitual, puede pasar que, al refrescar la página, el e-Charger no se muestre. Elimina las cookies del dispositivo para que se actualice correctamente.


In order to make the various adjustments in this section, you must access the e-Charger and click on the settings icon.

Enable/disable the LED lighting

If you have a Trydan e-Charger, the V2C logo lighting on the front allows you to know its charging status, if there’s a scheduled charge, if there’s any kind of error, or if the device is updating.
You can enable or disable this LED lighting in the indicated icon below.

Delete an e-Charger

Delete an e-Charger: To delete a charger, click on the trash icon and then click on the ‘yes, I want to delete it’ button.

In the case of the web portal, you need to access the e-Charger settings menu and select the ‘delete’ button. You will need to confirm the action by clicking on the ‘yes, I want to delete it’ button.

Edit the name of an e-Charger

In the smartphone application, click on the pencil icon and edit the name. To save it, press the enter key on your smartphone’s keyboard.

To change it from the web platform, access the e-Charger settings menu and select the ‘change charger name’ button. Define the name you want to give to the charger and press the ‘save’ button.

V2C Cloud – smartphone version

V2C Cloud – web version

V2C Cloud – smartphone version

V2C Cloud – web version

Identify the e-Charger ID number

You can find the ID number that identifies your charger both in the web version and in the smartphone application. It is visible in the first section within the charger settings menu.

It is important to verify that the number displayed in the application matches the one in the S/N section of the label located on the side of the charger.

Modify the energy rate

To add or modify the energy rate, you must access this section on any of the V2C Cloud platforms and select the type of rate you have and the price per kWh (in the case of unregulated rates).
Click on ‘modify energy rate’ and select the type of rate you want to set. You can choose between:

· Custom rate: choose the energy price for each hour. The price can also be determined by days.

· Flat rate: choose a fixed price per kW per hour.

· PVPC 2.0 TD rate: the price is regulated by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism and varies every hour.

· Custom rate by days: choose the energy price for each hour and each day of the week.

V2C Cloud – smartphone version

V2C Cloud – web version

V2C Cloud – smartphone version

V2C Cloud – web version

Change the e-Charger language

In this section, you can change the language of the charger. However, the language of the V2C Cloud application adapts to the language configured on your smartphone device.

To change the language of the e-Charger in both the app and the web platform, click on the language section and select the language you want. Remember to press the ‘save’ button to save the configuration. You can also change the language from the charger’s navigation buttons.

Modify RFID Cards

RFID cards allow us to share our e-Chargers with other users through secure and authorized access.

In this section, you can enable and disable the function of your charger (if it has an RFID reader) and manage the available RFID cards. To use them, it is necessary to enable them beforehand through the smartphone application or the web platform, following the instructions provided in the images.

Once registered, users simply need to place the card near the reader to identify themselves and charge conveniently. It’s a technology that simplifies management and ensures the highest security and access control.

Activate and add RFID card

V2C Cloud – smartphone version

V2C Cloud – web version

Modify and delete RFID card

V2C Cloud – smartphone version

V2C Cloud – web version

V2C Cloud – smartphone version

V2C Cloud – web version

User management

This section is useful if you share your charger with another person. From your mobile device, you can modify the role of the person using your e-Charger, as well as delete their access.

To modify the role, press the pencil icon. To delete their access, press the trash icon. These two actions can be performed through both V2C Cloud platforms.

Special options

This section allows you to configure several options of your charger according to your preferences.

Access the charger you want to modify and press the last section within the charger settings menu.

Configuring phase mapping – Pole Pro

This option allows you to define the arrangement of the cables connected to your meter. You may wish to interchange these cables, so it is crucial to configure them correctly to ensure the proper functioning of your e-Charger’s measurements. For example, if you have a single-phase electric vehicle, and in your installation, the cable corresponding to phase 1 has been placed in the slot designated for phase 2, you should specify a 1 in phase 2, and so on for the 3 cables.

Activate auto-lock – Trydan

In this mode, the e-Charger disables itself after 60 seconds when the charger detects that the car is not connected to the charger.

Enabled Button Shortcuts – Trydan

With this option, you can enable or disable the navigation buttons on the side of the charger. If enabled, you can use the membrane keypad on your e-Charger for various functions.

Calibrate e-Charger – Trydan

Fixes communication issues with the vehicle. To calibrate your e-Charger correctly, the vehicle must not be connected to the charger.

Restart e-Charger

This feature restarts the e-Charger similarly to lowering and raising the protections of your charger. Not to be confused with factory reset; this can only be done using the keypad and completely clears the e-Charger’s settings.


Within this section, both on the web platform and in the smartphone application, you can enable or disable V2C SmartLock (Trydan functionality that allows wireless locking and unlocking) as well as add, modify, or delete the different e-Keys already linked.

Updating the firmware of your e-Charger

We are committed to the continuous improvement of our product capabilities. Therefore, it is important to keep the firmware version updated to enjoy significant enhancements and new features.

Check statistics

It is possible to view both global and individual statistics for all the e-Chargers on your account. In both cases, you can check the kWh, charging times, and their costs.

V2C Cloud – smartphone version

To view global statistics, follow the instructions in the first image. Swipe to learn how to access the statistics for a single e-Charger.

To access the statistics for all e-Chargers collectively, click on the black circular button located at the top right of the main screen.

Click the icon with the three dots.
In this section, you can view the list of all the statistics or select the interval you want to view

V2C Cloud – web version

The global statistics are displayed directly on the main screen where you can also select the needed interval of time.

The individual statistics are displayed directly on the main screen of the charger you want to consult

NOTE: In some community garages and other situations where WiFi connection and coverage are not stable, you must connect to the e-Charger via Bluetooth. The statistical data of the last 5 charges is stored in the application cache. You can upload them to our server and view them only once your smartphone has access to internet connection and you restart the application. The message “Statistics are cached, make sure you have a good internet connection to send them” appears on the main screen of the e-Charger.


I can’t unlock my e-Charger. What’s the solution?

If your app isn’t working, you don’t have your smartphone, you’ve lost your account, or something isn’t right and you need to unlock your charger (previously locked by you) immediately, you need to remove the power from the protections (internal or external), wait 5 seconds, and then reconnect them. The e-Charger will always start unlocked.

How can I tell if my e-Charger is connected to the Internet?

You can determine if your charger is connected to the Internet through the web platform or the smartphone application. In the app, if the device is connected, the indicated symbols will appear without a strikethrough, as shown in the first image of the gallery.

Additionally, if you access the main screen of the e-Charger and it does not have Bluetooth or WiFi connection, the information will appear as shown in the second image.

On www.v2c.cloud, if the charger does not have any type of connection, the following image will appear, indicating ‘device disconnected’.

Why does my charger decrease the charging power during the last minute of charging?

In order to maximize the lifespan of your e-Charger, we strive to minimize the presence of electrical arcs in the contacts. For this reason, when we know that the charging is about to finish, we reduce the power to the maximum to prevent the formation of electrical arcs when cutting off the vehicle’s power supply.

What should I do if my e-Charger doesn’t connect to Bluetooth?

Restart your smartphone

Close the app completely and open it again. Make sure it is not running in the background

Disable and then re-enable Bluetooth

Do you need technical support?

Generate a request in the Technical Support Centre and we will contact you as soon as possible to offer you the best solution.