GoodWe inverter configuration with Trydan

To set up Trydan with the GoodWe inverter, the first step is to check whether the inverter model is among those that establish a direct, wireless connection to the e-Charger.

For the time being, those whose terminations are ES/EM/BP as well as those using the ET/EH/BT/BH protocol are supported, although the latter are in an experimental phase.

It is essential that both the e-Charger and the inverter are connected to the same WiFi network.
Next, identify the IP of the inverter with which the connection is to be made. There are three ways to do this: from the router, using the IP finder or enabling the inverter’s local WiFi network. To do this, the inverter must be configured by following the instructions below:

Steps to follow to configure the GoodWe inverter

The inverter has the ability to automatically generate a local WiFi network, regardless of whether the ‘WiFi Reload’ button is available and pressed. Whether you press the button or not, the device is designed to provide an automatic WiFi network similar to: ‘Solar-WiFi[…]’

Connect to your inverter’s WiFi network by entering the password: 12345678

From your browser, access the IP address:

To log in, enter admin in both the ‘user name’ and ‘password’ fields.

In the ‘advanced’ tab of the left side menu, you will find the IP address shown in the ‘IP Address’ section. Be sure to make a note of it so you can enter it when configuring dynamic power control.

It is very important that you do not select the DHCP option in the ‘IPDHCP Mode’ section.

Configuring the GoodWe inverter in the V2C Cloud

To correctly configure the dynamic power control in V2C Cloud, go to the configuration section of your e-Charger and select ‘dynamic power control’.

Choose ‘inverter’ as the device type and select GoodWe in the ‘inverter type’ section. You must also add the IP of your device and the series it belongs to.

Finally, choose the appropriate installation for each situation. Don’t forget to save the changes so that the modifications are registered and the dynamic power control works correctly.

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