Integration of the HomeWizard P1 Meter with Trydan

The HomeWizard P1 meter is one of the most in-demand devices in Northern Europe, particularly in the Netherlands. This innovative device provides detailed information about energy consumption and allows you to use your own solar energy as efficiently as possible with live information about its production, surplus, and solar consumption. Below, you can find out how to integrate it with Trydan.

Steps for WiFi Connection to the HomeWizard P1 Meter

Activate the Local API of the meter. To do this, open the HomeWizard app, select ‘meters’ from the menu, go to ‘meter settings,’ and activate the ‘local API’ functionality.

Configuration of the HomeWizard P1 meter in the V2C Cloud app

Access the V2C Cloud application, choose the charging point, and go to the settings section.

Enter dynamic power control and select ‘meter’ in the device type tab. Select ‘HomeWizard P1’ in the ‘meter type’ section and enter the IP from step 2. Finally, choose the appropriate installation for each situation.

You must save the configuration to ensure the correct functioning of the dynamic power control.

Once you have configured it correctly, it can be customised according to the specific requirements of each situation.

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