Kostal KSEM connection with Trydan

Kostal inverters can be connected to Trydan directly through the KSEM (Kostal Smart Energy Meter) energy meter by Modbus TCP communication.

To make the connection we will first enable Modbus TCP communication. To do this, you have to access the IP of the KSEM meter, which can be found in the router or through applications that allow you to search for local IPs. See information here.

Then, we will activate the TCP slave in the Modbus Configuration section:

Configuration of the Kostal KSEM inverter in the V2C Cloud App

Enter the V2C Cloud App, select the charging point, and then access the configuration section. Enter Dynamic Power Control and select Kostal KSEM in the meter section.

The IP will be the same as the one you searched for to connect to the KSEM meter via the web. Remember that it has to be on the same local wifi network.

Attention, this form of connection will not show the photovoltaic generation in the V2C application APP, but all recharging modes will work the same.