Connecting the SolarEdge Inverter to Trydan

To connect the SolarEdge inverter to the Trydan charging point, please follow the instructions below:

In the SolarEdge inverter

  1. Check that the inverter has a gridmeter measuring grid consumption.
  2. Upgrade the inverter to the latest fimware version.
  3. Enable ModBus RS485 TCP communication on the Inverter.
  4. Enable WiFi direct on the inverter by switching the red toggle switch to the “P” position for less than 5 seconds.
  5. Connect to the inverter access point as a normal WiFi network. The WiFi password is published on the right-hand side of the inverter.
  6. Enter the following address in your browser of preference: > Site Communication. You will be able to enable it without the need of entering the installer password.
  7. Enable Modbus TCP/IP and port. Select the option “TCP Port Modbus”, enable Modbus, and leave the established port in 1502.
  8. Verify WiFi connection and assigned IP address. Select the option “WiFi”. Verify that the inverter is connected to the same WiFi network that Trydan will use. Please take note of the indicated IP address, as you will need it later for the Load Balancing setup on the V2C Cloud app.
  9. Enable Modbus (Multi-Device). Select “RS485-1” and enable the option “Modbus (Multi-Device)”.

At the Trydan e-Charger

  1. Connect the charger to the WiFi network. (This must be the same network to which the inverter is connected. If extenders are used, they should not act as a router as they will generate a new local network. If a new network is generated and connected to this network, you must change the inverter’s network to this new network).
  2. Open the V2C Cloud app, select the charger and then click on the settings icon at the top right.
  3. Go to the Dynamic Power Control section and select the SolarEdge inverter. To find out the IP, you can do this from your router settings. An interesting program for PC is Angry IP, or for Android “Network IP Scanner”.
  4. With these steps you have now connected your charging point to the SolarEdge inverter.