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Connecting Trydan with Wibeee Energy meter

Trydan is compatible with the Wibeee energy meter from Smilics Technologies, in both its photovoltaic and single-phase versions.

The compatible devices are the Wibeee Box, a highly versatile meter primarily used for photovoltaics, and the Wibeee Home. For connection to a photovoltaic system, clamp 1 should be connected to the overall consumption and clamp 2 to the photovoltaic inverter.

Steps for Connecting the Wibeee Meter to WiFi

In the Wibeee Next app, whether on a computer or mobile, find the Wibeee’s IP address.

Configuring the Wibeee Meter in the V2C Cloud App

Open the V2C Cloud app, select the charging point, and then go to the settings section.

Access the dynamic power control section, choose ‘meter’ in the device type tab, and select Wibeee under ‘meter type’.

Additionally, choose the appropriate installation type.

Save the configuration to ensure the correct functioning of the dynamic power control. Then, customize it to tailor your charging experience to your needs.

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