Fronius Primo Solar Inverter Integration with Trydan

Before connecting to the Fronius device, you should check that the Trydan e-Charger is connected to the WiFi network. To do this, go to the V2C Cloud app, select the e-Charger and check that it is emitting a WiFi signal.

Steps to configure the WiFi connection

If no WiFi signal is emitted, you must follow the steps below to establish a WiFi signal:

  1. Access the V2C Cloud application from your mobile device and click on the image of the corresponding e-Charger.
  2. Press the settings icon at the top right and access the WiFi settings by pressing the button at the bottom.
  3. Indicates the name of the WiFi network to be used for the device.

It is important to record the SSID name of the placed WiFi, because you will use it later in the configuration of the Fronius inverter.

Fronius inverter configuration

The following configuration is intended to pair the Fronius inverter with the Trydan e-Charger, so that it can send data. To do this, you must ‘enable the WiFi hotspot of the Fronius inverter’ and log in from a computer.

Steps to enable the Fronius inverter WiFi signal

1. Press any key to turn on the screen and navigate over it.

2. Click on the second button to scroll to the right until you reach the settings option. Then click on the fourth button to enter.

3. Press the second key to the ‘WiFi hotspot’ option and enter it by pressing the fourth key.

4. Press the fourth key to Activate WiFi AP.

5. Once activated, it is important to make a note of the data provided, as the process continues on the computer for the wireless WiFi connection that the Fronius inverter broadcasts.

Connection to the Fronius wireless network

From the computer, search for the signal emitted by the Fronius inverter. The key will appear on the inverter screen, as you can see in the image above (in the PW section). If you have any doubts, go back to the previous section.

Access to the Fronius configuration web interface

With the wireless network already established, open the web browser and enter the following address: If you are prompted for login information, enter admin as the user name and admin as the password. If you are not allowed access, you should contact the installer or, failing that, the Fronius company to provide a one-time password.

Pre-configuration from the web portal

Follow these steps to make the necessary adjustments to the inverter:

1. Click on the System Information button on the right-hand side. In this window it is important to pay attention to the IP Address located in the ‘WLAN Interface’ section. You should then verify that this IP address is the same as the one in the ‘Network’ section.

2. Go to the ‘Settings’ section in the sidebar.

3. Access the ‘Network’ option in the left menu and connect to the same wireless network used to connect the Trydan e-Charger. The IP address assigned in ‘LAN Settings’ should be the same as the one obtained in Step 1. If this is not the case, you must change it manually.

4. Go to the ‘Modbus’ section of the left-hand menu and configure the various options in the same way as in the image below:

Linking with Trydan e-Charger

To link the charging point, enter the V2C Cloud application, select the e-Charger and go to Settings. Access the Dynamic Power Control section and select ‘Inverter’ under ‘Device type’, and ‘Fronius’ under ‘Inverter type’. Assign the static IP address given by Fronius. Finally, select ‘Save’ for the configuration to be applied. Afterwards, the device will restart and is ready to receive home consumption data.