How to set up the Dynamic Power Control?

From the app or the website configuration settings, you can select the maximum power of the installation on e-Chargers which have the Dynamic Power Control. You can choose the power, per hour, and separate days of the week and weekends.

By going on the e-Charger configuration menu, you can set it up via Wifi or Bluetooth connection (up on some charger). The Power configuration can be done only if the dynamic control is correctly activated before.

Click on “Configure the Dynamic Power Control”.

On the first screen, you can configure the maximum and minimum intensity between the dynamic control will work. If you limit the installation at 20 amps, you will not be able to get over them. Drag the drop-down list to select the maximum intensity of your installation and the minimum you want to charge.

In “configure the installation power”, you can select the maximum power contracted for the installation. You also can set up time slots.

In this time section, you will have your available time slots, either via Bluetooth or Wifi. If you want to edit them, you have to delete them et add new. If you don’t have any, it is the time to add some. Time slots are not the same depending on days of the week (from Monday to Friday) and weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

You have to fill the time slots completely (24h over 24h) without interruption, from Monday to Friday and weekends otherwise the configuration will not be saved. If you have photovoltaic installation, you have to indicate the way they work for each of them.

Select starting and finishing time (you can create different time slots), and the maximum power available. You can use decimals (point or comma, both work).

Save configuration and power sections on the Dynamic Power Control are done.