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Exploded View Trydan Pro

The following page illustrates the breakdown of the external and internal components of Trydan Pro. This breakdown will assist you in identifying each part of the charger in detail, encompassing both its exterior composition and internal components. Follow the breakdown instructions for maintenance or repair tasks.

External elements

1. LED Lighting
2. Display
3. RFID reader
4. Button panel
5. Label
6. Holder

Internal elements

7. Control board
8. Protections (optional)
9. Lock
10. Power board
11. Display board

Control board elements

12. Supercapacitor
13. SIM card slot
14. 4G module
15. Ethernet connector
16. RS485/Modbus connector
17. ID Cable
18. Microprocessor
19. RFID connector

Power board elements

20. Power terminal
21. AC power relay
22. Current meter
23. Hose input
24. Infinite Impedance Jumper
25. Power supply
26. Jumper P3 – enable 12V output
27. Jumper P4 – remote control power supply
28. Leak detector
29. Welding detection trigger
30. ID Cable
31. Control Pilot Terminal

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