Indications of the LED colours of the logo

The V2C logo on the front of the e-Charger lights up according to the charging status. The illumination colour and its meaning are shown below:

White: vehicle is not connected.

White flashing: the WiFi connection or reconnection routine is active. In other words, the connection via WiFi is being processed.

Dark blue flashing: the vehicle is charging. The speed of the flashing is directly related to the intensity of the charge.

Light blue: timer activated, i.e. there is a programmed load.

Green: the vehicle is fully loaded.

Green flashing: the charger is correctly connected to the WiFi network. The flashing lasts for one second.

Red: Error.

An error code and a short description of the error will appear on the display. The error code has the following structure (5 digits): XX YYYY.

You can check the connection errors at this link.

Yellow: Error Control Pilot (car communication error).

Pink: the e-Charger is being updated.