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Integration of Fronius solar inverter with Trydan

Do you have a Fronius solar inverter and want to integrate it with our Trydan e-Charger? On this page we explain you step by step how to integrate and guarantee the correct operation of both the Fronius Primo and Fronius GEN24 inverters.

Steps for WiFi connection of Fronius inverters

Check the WiFi connection of the charger

This step is common to both models currently supported by our Trydan e-Charger.
Before connecting to the solar inverter, you must verify that the charger is connected to a WiFi network. To do this, access the V2C Cloud app, select the e-Charger and check that it is connected to a WiFi signal.

You can easily check the WiFi connection with one of these two options:

Verify that the WiFi icon appears above the charger you wish to pair.

Access the e-Charger you wish to link and go to the ‘Settings’ menu. At the bottom, you will find the ‘WiFi Settings’ button. If the charger is already connected, the name of the network, the signal and the IP to which it is connected will be displayed. If it is not connected, you must select the available WiFi signal, if you are near the charging point, and enter the corresponding password. If it is not possible to connect in this way, you must enter the network information manually.

It is important to remember that the WiFi network with which you must establish the connection must be 2.4GHz and that you must save the SSID name of the network for the configuration of the Fronius inverter.

Inverter configuration

Fronius Primo

The following configuration is intended to pair the Fronius Primo inverter with the Trydan e-Charger, so that there is proper communication between them. To do this, enable the WiFi access point of the Fronius inverter and log in from a computer or smartphone.

How to enable the WiFi signal of the Fronius Primo inverter?

Press any key to turn on the screen and navigate over it.

Click on the second button to scroll to the right until you reach the ‘Settings’ option. Then, click on the fourth button to access it.

Press the second key until you find the ‘WiFi hotspot’ option and enter it by pressing the fourth key.

Press the fourth key to Enable WiFi AP.

Once activated, it is important to make a note of the data provided (name and password of the WiFi access point), as the process continues on the computer or smartphone for the wireless WiFi connection issued by the Fronius inverter.

Connects to the Fronius wireless network

Log in from your computer or smartphone and search for the signal emitted by the Fronius inverter. The network name and password appear on the inverter display. If in doubt, go back to the previous section.

Access to the Fronius configuration web interface

With the wireless network already established, access the web browser and enter the following address: . If access credentials are requested, fill in user: admin and password: admin. If access is not possible, contact the installer or, failing that, the Fronius company who will provide a one-time password.

Pre-configuration from the Fronius web portal

Click on the System Information button at the top right of the screen. In this window, it is important to pay attention to the IP address located in the ‘WLAN Interface’ section. Then check that this IP address is the same as the one found in the ‘Network’ > ‘LAN Settings’ section.

Go to the ‘Settings’ section on the right sidebar.

Access the ‘Network’ option in the left menu and connect to the same wireless network used to connect the Trydan e-Charger. The IP address assigned in ‘LAN Settings’ should be the same as the one obtained in Step 1. If this is not the case, it must be changed manually.

In the ‘Modbus’ section of the left-hand menu, configure the various options in the same way as in step 4.

Fronius GEN 24

In the case of the GEN24 model, connect from a computer or smartphone to the IP that allows access to the inverter interface by default: or WLAN IP . Check this information directly on the side label of the inverter or perform a scan of the IP found in the local network.

Check the IP of the Fronius GEN24 Inverter

After accessing the inverter interface, click on ‘Communication’ and then ‘Network’. Next, make a note of the IP address (IP Address), which is to be entered later when linking the inverter to the charger. In this case, the IP address is, as shown in the image.

Enables Modbus TCP/IP of Fronius GEN24 inverter

Under ‘Communication’, access Modbus and verify that the information is set as shown below:

Slave as Modbus TCP: Enabled
Modbus Port:
Meter Address:
SunSpec Model Type:
Select ‘float’..
Inverter Control via Modbus:

Fronius inverter configuration in V2C Cloud

This last step is common to Fronius Primo and GEN24, and consists of linking the solar inverter to the charger.

To correctly configure the dynamic power control in V2C Cloud, go to the ‘settings’ section of your e-Charger and select ‘dynamic power control’.

Select ‘inverter’ as the device type and select Fronius in the ‘inverter type’ section. Then assign the static IP address specified by Fronius and choose the appropriate installation in each case.

Finally, select ‘Save’ to apply the configuration correctly. The equipment will restart and will be ready to perform dynamic power control.

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