Integration of the Ingeteam solar inverter with Trydan.

The Trydan charging point can be integrated with the Ingeteam UPS. It is imperative that the charger and the UPS are connected to the same network segment. Our charger only requires the IP assigned to the UPS.

To do this, you need to connect to your UPS from the Ingeteam SUN Monitor page (https://www.ingeconsunmonitor.com/login) and assign the IP address to the V2C application. Actions to be taken include:

Go to the Ingeteam INGECON SUN Monitor page

Enter the factory. 

Seleccionar plantas en la web Ingecon SUN Monitor

Change UPS settings

Select the ‘Current Generation’ tab and click on the installation as shown in the image.

Editar ajustes de generación actual Ingecon SUN Monitor

Display IP assigned to UPS

Select the Wi-Fi option to display the WiFi network and its assigned IP address.

Configuración WiFi Ingeteam en la app Ingecon SUN Monitor

Checks DNS

The DNS is located in Servs. de Red.

Primary DNS

Secondary DNS

Seleccionar DNS Ingeteam Ingecon SUN Monitor

Uncheck the Ethernet interface.

Desactivar ethernet de la web Ingecon SUN Monitor

Enable Modbus TCP/IP

You must enable it or leave it in the ‘anyone’ option.

Conexión Modbus TCP en Ingecon SUN Monitor
Interfaz de Modbus TCP en Ingecon SUN Monitor

Assigns the investor’s IP to the V2C Cloud application

Select the charger, go to the settings, and enter in the section ‘Dynamic power control’.

Ajustes control dinámico de potencia con inversor Ingeteam en app V2C Cloud