Kostal PIKO connection to Trydan

Kostal PIKO connects to Trydan via HTTP requests and for this, we must ensure the inverter is compatible. If not, we recommend updating the firmware version to the latest available.

Are we compatible with the Kostal PIKO inverter?

To check compatibility, insert the following address in the browser on a computer connected to the same local network:, replacing the IP with that of the inverter.

How do I know the IP address of the Kostal PIKO?

The IP of Kostal PIKO can be known in multiple ways. The first one would be to connect to our router and request the list of connected devices, where you should see the IP of Kostal, and also the IP of Trydan. You can also find it out using other programs, such as the PC software “Angry IP”, the Android App “Network Ip Scanner” or the Apple App “IP Scanner”.

The response to the above request should look something similar to the following image:

How is Kostal connected to the Trydan recharging point?

Access the V2C Cloud App, select the charging point, and then tap on the configuration icon. Scroll to Dynamic Power Control and select Kostal as the meter, as shown in the image. Finally, select the type of installation.