Connecting the SMA Sunny Boy Inverter to Trydan

If you have a SMA Sunny Boy inverter, you can connect it to the Trydan charging point to make the most of the solar energy in your system. Follow these steps to make the connection:

1. Enable the MODBUS TCP of your inverter.

Connect to the IP of the inverter (click on this link if you want to know how). Enter the IP address connected to the same local network on your computer to access the SMA Sunny Boy interface.

The password is written down when the product is purchased. If not, call the installer, and if not available, call SMA: 93 563 50 99.

Next, select the SMA inverter you want to configure in the plant tree.

Go to the Configuration tab and select the External Communication parameter group. Click Edit and then click Enable TCP server settings group Modbus – TCP Server (Enabled – Yes).

2. Pair the Trydan charging point with the SMA Sunny Boy inverter.

Log into the V2C Cloud App, select the charging point, and then access the configuration section. Go to Dynamic Power Control and select the SMA Sunny inverter.