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What is V2C SmartLock?

V2C SmartLock is a new feature of the Trydan e-Charger that allows you to wirelessly unlock the charger using an e-Key, i.e. a device that uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connectivity. Using a smartwatch, a fitness wristband, a key fob or an electric vehicle such as the Tesla Model 3 or Model Y, you can unlock the charger without having to use the V2C Cloud app, the V2C Cloud web platform or the e-Charger’s keypad. For proper operation, it is important that the device has a static MAC address.

The e-Charger’s V2C SmartLock technology saves time and makes it easy to charge your electric car. Simply bring the e-Key close to the charger and it unlocks.

NOTE: Before linking the e-Key, you must check that the firmware version of the charger is 1.7.15 or later. You can check this in the Device settings > ID number section.

How can I link an e-Key to the charger via V2C SmartLock?

To pair the e-Key with your charger, go to your e-Charger and follow these steps in the V2C Cloud application. In the case of an electric vehicle, place the vehicle close to the charger without other Bluetooth devices, as the e-Charger will add the closest device.

1. Enter the app and select the
2. Click on the configuration
3. Go to the section
4. Click on the button to activate
the e-Keys.
5. Click on
Add e-Key’.
6. Name the e-Key and
bring it closer to the charger.
7. e-Key added. You can change the name or delete it.

NOTE: Please note that if the hose is connected to the vehicle, the charger will not lock even if it detects that the e-Key is moving away, so that charging can be carried out correctly.

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