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V2C Installer Panel: what it is and how to create an account

V2C Installer Panel

Are you an installer of our e-Chargers? V2C Installer Panel is an innovative platform that allows you to remotely access the chargers you have installed. Adjust settings, resolve issues quickly and provide exceptional service to your customers without the need to travel.

Steps to create an account on V2C Installer Panel

Creating an account on V2C Installer Panel is a simple and quick process. Just follow the steps below and wait for us to verify your details to be able to enjoy all the advantages of the platform.

URL de V2C Installer Panel

Click on “Create account” and register with an email address and password. If you already have a V2C Cloud account, even if it is not specifically for an installer, you can log in with the same password and go to step 4.

Verify your email address. Log in to your email and verify your email account by clicking on the link.

Once you have verified your email address, log in to v2c.cloud/installer-panel/ with your new account and fill in your installer details.

When we receive your details, we will verify them. We will notify you by email when they have been validated and your request for access to the V2C Installer Panel has been approved.

Steps to enjoy all the advantages of the V2C Installer Panel

Add an e-Charger. Click on the button at the top right to add an e-Charger. Enter its ID number and give it a name by which you can easily identify it.

Añadir e-Charger en V2C Installer Panel

Once added, click on the e-Charger to view all the information in real time. You can check the current status of the last recorded charge and all other details by clicking on the “More information” button.

Estado de la carga en V2C Installer Panel

Access the charger configuration to adjust the parameters quickly and easily. This way, you can solve any incident in real time and without having to go anywhere.

Configuración del e-Charger en V2C Installer Panel