V2C and Enegic: new alliance for efficient cloud-based dynamic power control management

At V2C, we are thrilled to announce our alliance with Enegic to further enhance the recharging experience for our users. We have developed an advanced cloud-based dynamic power control system that revolutionizes the management of charging facilities connected to buildings and factories. This new system integrates with Enegic’s WiFi meter to effectively balance power among all chargers and buildings.

Features of the new cloud-based dynamic power control

The dynamic cloud power control, managed by V2C Cloud servers, optimizes energy distribution between the e-Chargers, the available grid and the photovoltaic energy in real-time. This ensures that the installation does not exceed contracted power and maximizes the use of solar energy, which is crucial for maintaining efficient and sustainable energy use. This system is particularly useful in installations with multiple charging points and in cases where local dynamic control is insufficient due to the number of charging points involved.

Unlike conventional power control systems, there is no requirement for a specific e-Charger to act as a controller; instead, management is conducted at the cloud server level. Therefore, for everything to function correctly, it is necessary for all e-Chargers to be connected to the internet.

Enegic’s WiFi meter integration: precise and efficient measurement

Enegic’s WiFi meter, integrated into V2C’s control system, is capable of operating in both single-phase and three-phase installations. Thanks to this WiFi meter device, it is possible to balance power among all chargers in installations involving additional structures such as buildings or factories. The Enegic meter can also be integrated into photovoltaic-powered installations to further optimize energy usage.

powered by enegic

This meter offers simple and versatile installation, providing complete customization according to the needs of each installation. It uses Rogowski probes to continuously measure current flow, allowing real-time power control for the entire installation with e-Chargers connected to the internet. With this new functionality, users will have an intelligent and personalized charging solution that adapts to their needs at all times.

Real-time visualization and management with the V2C app

Once the cloud-based dynamic power control is configured, the V2C app allows users to visualize the real-time status of charging points and system power distribution. This provides a powerful tool for energy management and optimization. The V2C application monitors in real-time the power needed by both the building or factory and the chargers to avoid exceeding the total installation power.

meter wifi enegic

Continuing to revolutionize smart charging with Enegic

The alliance between V2C and Enegic in the development of cloud-based dynamic power control represents a significant advancement in efficient energy management in complex installations. This solution not only enhances energy efficiency but also facilitates the integration of renewable energy sources. At V2C, we continue to contribute to a more sustainable future and the creation of more accessible intelligent charging systems.

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