Recommendations for charging your electric car battery

consejos para cargar la batería

Currently, the growth of electric mobility has revolutionized the way we travel, with electric vehicles leading the way toward a more sustainable future. One of the crucial components in these vehicles is the electric battery, and to ensure optimal performance and prolonged lifespan, it is essential to understand and follow the best charging practices. In … Read more

Wake-up mode, the solution from V2C, to the charging problems of the Renault ZOE Electric!

Problemas carga Renault Zoe Eléctrico

The Wake-up mode from Trydan by V2C, the electric charger that awakens the Renault ZOE to start the scheduled charging. Many users report issues when scheduling the charging of their Renault ZOE Electric vehicles with different brands of electric car chargers. Therefore, at V2C, we introduce the Wake-up Mode, a new software update for Trydan … Read more

New Tesla Model 3 Performance 2024: Price, autonomy and features

Tesla Model 3 Performance Price Precio

The electric vehicle market continues to gain ground in Europe, and the arrival of the new Tesla Model 3 Performance Ludicrous has sparked great interest among motoring enthusiasts. This model, which represents the ultimate expression of Tesla’s performance and technology, promises to revolutionize the landscape of electric cars in the country. How much does the … Read more

The cheapest electric car in Europe: Dacia Spring Electric 2024 | Price and features

You can buy the Dacia Spring Essential electric from £14,995 in the UK, and from 17.300€ in Europe. Discover all the features of Europe’s cheapest car. If you’re thinking of buying an electric Dacia Spring, we explain everything you need to know before buying it, its characteristics, and how to charge your new electric car. … Read more

Can I charge my electric car in the rain? Clearing up doubts about electric charging on rainy days

cargar coche electrico con lluvia

Electric mobility is here to stay, and more and more drivers are opting for electric cars as an environmentally friendly and efficient alternative to internal combustion vehicles. However, as electric cars grow in popularity, questions and myths surrounding their operation also arise. One of the most common myths is whether it is safe to charge … Read more

V2C introduces SmartLock, the new proximity locking and unlocking technology for the e-Charger

We introduce SmartLock, the new technology available in the Trydan e-Charger that redefines the way we interact with the charger, offering unprecedented connectivity and a smarter, more efficient charging experience. With this latest functionality, based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, Trydan is able to automatically unlock when it detects the proximity of a device … Read more

Is it worth having an electric car charger at home if you have an electric car?

electric car charger at home

As we move towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future, the adoption of electric vehicles has seen significant growth. While public charging infrastructure continues to expand, there are a number of benefits to installing an electric car charger at home. In this article, we’ll explore the key advantages of having an electric vehicle charger … Read more

The different types of electric cars: the complete guide

types of electric cars

Today, the market for non-fuel vehicles is constantly growing and evolving. With the search for more sustainable alternatives, more and more people are considering the purchase of electric or hybrid cars. However, it can be overwhelming to understand the differences between the various types available on the market. In this article, we will explore the … Read more