V2C introduces Trydan Pro at KEY2024 Italy

The 2024 edition of KEY – The Energy Transition Expo, held from February 28 to March 1 in Rimini, Italy, has exceeded all expectations, attracting a record number of both international exhibitors and visitors interested in innovative solutions for the energy transition.

In this context, we have carried out the presentation of our new Trydan Pro electric car charger. An e-Charger designed to make the most of shared charging, as it features integrated RFID and NFC readers. In addition, it has total connectivity thanks to its included 4G SIM card and the possibility of establishing a connection via Ethernet cable.

Trydan Pro is a milestone in the evolution of e-Charger technology. This new charger is the perfect evolution, allowing intelligent energy management to optimize the charging of any electric vehicle with renewable energies.

This new edition of the major e-mobility event in Italy has broken all records, surpassing the number of exhibitors and attendees from previous editions.

Increased attendance

The 2024 edition has seen a 41% increase in public attendance compared to the previous year, a very positive sign for energy transition and e-mobility in Europe.

Significant increase in the participation of foreign delegations

The significant increase in the participation of foreign delegations in the event is a clear indicator of the growing global interest in electric mobility and renewable energies. This phenomenon not only demonstrates the increasing importance given to environmental sustainability internationally but also signals the recognition of KEY as a fundamental reference point in the field of energy transition.

Companies and organizations from around the world are recognizing the importance of gathering on platforms like KEY Expo to collaborate in finding viable and sustainable solutions for current and future energy challenges.

Trydan Pro, el nuevo cargador de coche eléctrico de V2C, en KEY Expo 2024

Highlighted technological innovations presented during the event

KEY, The Energy Transition Expo, has stood out as a stage where the latest technological innovations in the field of energy and sustainable mobility are presented, consolidating itself as a key meeting point for the exchange of ideas and collaboration in the sector.

In this sense, V2C has taken advantage of this great international stage to carry out the presentation of the new Trydan Pro charger.

V2C internationally present: Impact and perspectives from KEY – The Energy Transition Expo

Our participation in KEY 2024 highlights the role of the company internationally in the transition towards a more sustainable energy future. V2C is playing an increasingly crucial role in this process thanks to constant innovation in smart and connected electric car chargers.

V2C en la vanguardia de este evento de e-mobility con el cargador de coche eléctrico Trydan Pro

Collaborations established with leading companies in the global renewable energy market

From February 28 to March 1 in Rimini, Italy, we have established new strategic collaborations with leading companies in the international market, focused on energy transition. This is only the beginning of new opportunities to continue innovating with a clear vision of creating a more sustainable future in the electric mobility sector.

International interest in the solutions presented by V2C, establishing a solid foundation for global expansion

The international interest generated by our new Trydan Pro electric car charger at KEY underscores our relevance on the global stage and lays the groundwork for further growth together. Soon we will continue to travel around the world presenting our new electric charger that is revolutionizing the way we share the energy of the future.

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