Our e-Chargers, featured at the Electric Mobility Expo E-Cap (France) with Be Energy Connect

Our innovative electric car chargers were showcased at the Electric Mobility Expo E-Cap in Cap d’Agde, France, on May 4th and 5th, alongside our partner Be Energy Connect. This joint participation marks a step forward in our commitment to promoting electric mobility and highlights our strategic partnership with Be Energy Connect to drive efficient and sustainable charging solutions in France.

During the event, the installation company Be Energy Connect featured our e-Chargers Trydan and Trydan Pro. These smart chargers represent the latest in charging technology and are designed to effectively integrate renewable energy into electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Over two exciting days, we had the opportunity to demonstrate how our solutions are transforming the landscape of electric mobility.

Electric Mobility Expo E-Cap: electric mobility and renewable energy event

The Electric Mobility Expo is recognized as a leading platform for showcasing the latest technologies and solutions in the field of electric mobility and renewable energy. It’s a flagship event that brings together industry professionals, sustainable mobility enthusiasts, and innovative companies from around the world. Therefore, having the opportunity to participate in this renowned event represents a significant milestone for us.

Be Energy Connect, our valuable partner in France, installs our innovative electric car chargers in the country. This strategic partnership allows us to expand our presence in the French market and provide high-quality charging solutions to e-mobility users.

We are particularly proud to collaborate with Be Energy Connect to promote electric mobility in France. Together, we are working to create a more sustainable future, driving the adoption of electric vehicles and facilitating the transition to cleaner and more efficient mobility.

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