V2C joins the Mobi.E electric mobility network in Portugal

At V2C, we are excited to announce our integration into the Mobi.E electric charging network in Portugal. This collaboration is a significant step forward in supporting the transition towards more sustainable and connected mobility on the Iberian Peninsula. We are joining Mobi.E to contribute to the consolidation of one of the most advanced electric vehicle charging infrastructures in Europe.

Mobi.E: The backbone of electric mobility in Portugal

Electric mobility is rapidly transforming the way we travel, and Portugal is no exception. At the heart of this transformation is Mobi.E, Portugal’s public charging network that has set a new standard in the management and accessibility of electric vehicle charging points. As the demand for electric mobility continues to grow, the integration of advanced and reliable solutions like those from V2C into this network is crucial for strengthening and expanding the charging infrastructure.

What is Mobi.E?

Mobi.E is a Portuguese public company responsible for managing the electric mobility network in Portugal. This network is characterised by its integrated structure, allowing users to access any charging station, regardless of ownership. This model prevents market fragmentation and ensures a consistent charging experience for electric vehicle drivers.

Since its inception, Mobi.E has been instrumental in positioning Portugal as a leader in electric mobility. Currently, the network has over 4,815 posts and 10,208 plugs, distributed across 1,695 fast or ultra-fast charging stations, representing 36% of the total infrastructure. In May 2024, Mobi.E reached a new record with over 487,500 charges registered.

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The integration of V2C into the Mobi.E network

The inclusion of V2C into the Mobi.E network represents an important advancement for both entities. Our chargers have been certified for use within this network, meeting the quality and safety standards required by Mobi.E. This will allow electric vehicle users to enjoy greater accessibility and flexibility when charging their cars in Portugal.

With this partnership, V2C chargers are now part of a charging network that encompasses over 4,800 charging points throughout the country. This expansion will facilitate long-distance travel not only within Portugal but also across the Iberian Peninsula and the rest of Europe, contributing to a more interconnected and efficient electric mobility landscape.

Benefits of the agreement between V2C and Mobi.E for users

The integration of V2C into the Mobi.E network not only marks a significant milestone in our mission to expand electric mobility but also brings a range of direct benefits for users and the market. The expansion of charging infrastructure is essential at a time when the demand for electric vehicles is booming. The inclusion of our chargers into the Mobi.E network increases the availability of charging points and strengthens the existing infrastructure, facilitating access to advanced technologies for both businesses and individuals.

Ease and flexibility for electric vehicle users

One of the greatest benefits for electric vehicle users is the ability to use any V2C charger in the Mobi.E network via a card or app provided by an electric mobility service provider. This means that drivers can charge their vehicles at any station in the network without worrying about the station’s owner or additional costs, significantly simplifying the charging experience.

Technical support and assistance for a seamless charging experience

At V2C, we firmly believe that a robust and reliable charging infrastructure depends not only on advanced technology but also on comprehensive technical support. Our e-Chargers are designed to withstand the demands of daily use and provide an uninterrupted charging experience.

We have a dedicated support team for the Portuguese market that provides quick and efficient assistance to ensure that our public charging points are always operational and in perfect condition. Our technical team is crucial to our strategy of maintaining a high level of quality and reliability in all our chargers.

v2c rede mobi e alliance

Our priority is for electric vehicle users to be fully confident that they will find a V2C charger in perfect working order, ready to use at any time. Our technical team not only responds to incidents but also carries out regular preventive maintenance to ensure that all our chargers remain in optimal condition.

This dedication to excellence in service is what sets us apart and underscores our commitment to quality and reliability. At V2C, we not only offer high-tech chargers but also comprehensive support that ensures every charging experience is safe, efficient, and hassle-free.

Continuing to improve the interconnection of the european electric mobility network

The integration of V2C into the Mobi.E network in Portugal represents a strategic step towards consolidating a broader and more efficient European electric mobility infrastructure. This collaboration not only benefits our customers by providing greater accessibility and convenience but also contributes to the expansion and improvement of the charging network in the country.

At V2C, we are proud to be part of this innovative network, facilitating the transition towards a cleaner and more efficient transport model across Europe. This agreement with Mobi.E reaffirms our commitment to providing advanced and accessible charging solutions, ensuring that every journey is a hassle-free experience.

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