V2C introduces Nett: a discreet charger seamlessly integrated into the urban environment

At Power2Drive 2024, we unveiled Nett, our new compact and robust charger designed for public use, offering efficiency and convenience in urban settings. This charger combines a discreet design with advanced functionality, facilitating the charging of electric vehicles in urban spaces and contributing to a more accessible and efficient charging infrastructure.

Nett: efficiency and convenience for public use

Nett stands out for its ability to charge two vehicles simultaneously, each with a maximum power of 7.4 kW. This feature enables efficient charging for multiple users, making Nett the ideal solution for urban areas with high demand for charging points. Equipped with OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) technology, Nett ensures seamless integration into existing charging management systems, providing flexibility and control to charging infrastructure operators.

Nett es un cargador pequeño, discreto y sólido que se integra perfectamente en el entorno urbano, facilitando la transición hacia la movilidad eléctrica sin interferir en la vida diaria de las ciudades“, afirmó Víctor Sanchis, CEO de V2C.

Discreet, robust, and integrated into the environment

One of Nett’s strengths is its compact and discreet design, allowing it to integrate into any urban environment without altering its aesthetics. Its small size ensures it can be installed in public spaces such as streets, squares, and parking lots without causing inconvenience or occupying significant space. This feature is particularly crucial in urban settings where space is limited, and infrastructure must be functional and aesthetically compatible with its surroundings.Safe and efficient simultaneous charging

Nett is not only small but also robust, ensuring a long lifespan and resilience to adverse conditions encountered on public roads. This combination of discretion and durability makes Nett an ideal choice for cities seeking efficient and non-intrusive charging solutions.

Carga simultánea segura y eficiente

Nett offers the capability of simultaneous charging for two vehicles, maximizing the efficiency of the charging infrastructure in high-demand areas. Each charging socket provides up to 7.4 kW of power, allowing users to charge their vehicles quickly and efficiently. This dual charging capability is a significant advantage in urban environments where the availability of charging points may be limited, and the need to recharge multiple vehicles is common.

Safety during charging is a priority for the entire V2C team, and Nett is designed to meet the highest safety standards. Its advanced technology ensures that charging processes are carried out safely, minimizing risks and ensuring a reliable and seamless user experience.

OCPP technology ready for public charging

Nett is equipped with OCPP technology, making it fully compatible with existing charging management systems. This enables seamless integration with public charging platforms, facilitating monitoring and remote control of charging points. OCPP technology ensures that Nett can adapt to changing market needs and allows operators to effectively manage demand and optimize the use of charging infrastructure.

Compatibility with OCPP also means that Nett can be easily integrated into established charging networks, providing operators with the flexibility to expand their infrastructure efficiently and cost-effectively. This feature is crucial for the development of a robust and accessible public charging network that can meet the needs of an urban population increasingly reliant on electric mobility.

Innovation and commitment to sustainable mobility

Nett no solo representa una solución avanzada para la recarga de vehículos eléctricos en la vía pública, sino que también refleja nuestra visión de crear un futuro donde la movilidad eléctrica sea accesible, conveniente y sostenible para todos. Este lanzamiento marca un paso importante en el desarrollo de infraestructuras de recarga que apoyen la transición hacia una movilidad más sostenible y accesible en entornos urbanos.

Nett not only represents an advanced solution for charging electric vehicles in public spaces but also reflects our vision of creating a future where electric mobility is accessible, convenient, and sustainable for all. This launch marks a significant step in the development of charging infrastructure that supports the transition to more sustainable and accessible mobility in urban environments.

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