New Tesla Model 3 Performance 2024: Price, autonomy and features

The electric vehicle market continues to gain ground in Europe, and the arrival of the new Tesla Model 3 Performance Ludicrous has sparked great interest among motoring enthusiasts. This model, which represents the ultimate expression of Tesla’s performance and technology, promises to revolutionize the landscape of electric cars in the country.

How much does the new Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous cost? Reserve yours today

The starting price of the Tesla Model 3 Performance is €55,990, positioning it as an attractive option within the high-end electric vehicle segment. If you’re looking to buy the new Tesla electric car, reservations are already available through their website, with estimated delivery dates between May and June of this year.

Features of this fast electric car

The Tesla Model 3 Performance impresses with its cutting-edge technical specifications. With a power of 460 CV, this vehicle is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 262 km/h and accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.1 seconds. Additionally, it features an adaptive damping system that ensures stable and safe driving, even on sharp curves at any speed. Its exclusive Track Mode allows the driver to adjust the suspension, chassis, and drivetrain for better track performance.

Tesla Model 3 Performance Wheel

This new Tesla electric car features staggered wheels for greater precision in curves and better traction, while aerodynamic resistance and lift balance at high speeds have been improved.

The autonomy of the New Tesla Model 3 Performance breaks all myths

You’ll be able to travel up to 629 km on a single charge thanks to the enhanced exterior design optimized for maximum aerodynamics.

Tesla Model 3 Performance Interior

An interior for a unique experience

In terms of design, the new Model 3 Performance presents a sporty and elegant appearance. Highlights include 20-inch Warp wheels, sports seats, and carbon fiber details inside. Additionally, the premium sound system with 17 speakers and 2 subwoofers offers an exceptional auditory experience. It also features an 8-inch screen for rear passengers, providing a first-class entertainment experience.

How to charge the new Tesla Model 3

Tesla promises that you can charge the new Model 3 Performance to travel 282 km in just 15 minutes. As you may already know, it is always recommended that this type of fast charging be done only at specific times, during long trips. However, the best method for charging a Tesla electric car is a slow home charging point.

We recommend charging the Tesla Model 3 with the V2C Trydan electric car charger. It’s the perfect integration, as you can unlock your charger by approaching the Tesla. This new V2C SmartLock feature is already available. Explore how Trydan connects to Tesla vehicles through its integrated BLE and SmartLock technology, automatically simplifying the charging process.

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Comparison and advantages of this new Tesla Model 3 Performance

Compared to other high-end electric vehicle models available in the Spanish market, the Model 3 Performance Ludicrous stands out for its exceptional performance, extensive autonomy, and advanced features. With its combination of power, technology, and design, this model positions itself as a leading option in its category.

Opinions about the new Tesla electric car

The initial reception of the Tesla Model 3 Performance has been very positive, with praise from experts and motoring enthusiasts. Its impressive performance and advanced technology are especially highlighted, making it a benchmark in the high-performance electric vehicle market.

The Tesla Model 3 Performance represents a milestone in the evolution of electric vehicles worldwide. With its combination of power, performance, and cutting-edge technology, this model is destined to make a before and after in the automotive industry of the country. For those looking for an exciting and sustainable driving experience, the new Tesla Model 3 Performance is presented as an irresistible option.

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