The cheapest electric car in Europe: Dacia Spring Electric 2024 | Price and features

You can buy the Dacia Spring Essential electric from £14,995 in the UK, and from 17.300€ in Europe. Discover all the features of Europe’s cheapest car. If you’re thinking of buying an electric Dacia Spring, we explain everything you need to know before buying it, its characteristics, and how to charge your new electric car.

Price of the Dacia Spring, the cheapest electric car in Europe

The Dacia Spring, Europe’s cheapest electric car in 2024, has a base price of 17.300€. Depending on the country you live in, there may be further benefits available, allowing you to save even more. With prices starting from 10.265€ in Spain, the Dacia Spring Essential electric model becomes the ultimate choice for budget-conscious electric car buyers in many Europeans countries.

Dacia Spring coche eléctrico

Main features of the cheapest electric car

The Dacia Spring electric 2024 is an urban car with SUV-style design, from segment A, with five doors. Compact in size, it has a length of approximately 3.73 meters. Inside, it offers space for four passengers.

Powered by a 33 kW (44 hp) electric motor and equipped with a 27.4 kWh battery, the Dacia Spring EV offers a maximum range of 230 km on a single charge, making it an ideal choice for urban commuting. Additionally, it reaches a maximum speed of 125 km/h, providing agile performance suitable for city driving.

Interior del Dacia Spring Eléctrico

What charger connector does it use?

The connector of the Dacia Spring electric is Type 2 (IEC 62196), also known as ‘Mennekes’.

What car charger to use for Dacia Spring electric?

If you want to charge your electric Dacia Spring 2024, we recommend choosing a 7.4 kW charging point to install at home. You can fully charge the Dacia Spring in about 5 hours, making it a practical solution for home charging. Remember that using a slow charger regularly is the best solution to care for the Dacia Spring’s electric batteries. Don’t forget to find your professional installer of charging points for a certified installation.

If you’re looking for an electric car charger for your Dacia Spring, we recommend our Trydan charger. This charging point is perfect for home charging, and you can request it with the Type 2 connector (IEC 62196). Additionally, with Trydan, you can set up your electric Dacia Spring to start charging thanks to its timer mode. This is one of the models that doesn’t start charging instantly and needs this functionality.

If you need more information or have any questions about the best charging solution for your Dacia Spring electric, don’t hesitate to contact us or leave us your comments.

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