Pole Pro rises to the future with photovoltaic energy

Pole Pro, V2C’s shared charging solution, goes one step further by offering a new functionality: the ability to charge electric vehicles with photovoltaic energy. This new photovoltaic integration of the e-Charger gets the maximum possible performance from the solar panels and allows multiple vehicles to be charged simultaneously using purely solar power, grid power or a combination of both.

The charger is able to measure the power of the installation, the demand of the electrical appliances in the installation and of the electric vehicles in order to successfully perform dynamic power control and intelligent charging.

In this way, the integration allows Pole Pro to harness clean, renewable energy from the sun, reducing its carbon footprint and offering the most sustainable charge sharing in public and private spaces.

Pole Pro instalado en parking de empresa

Solar charging in businesses and on public roads

The integration of solar energy into Pole Pro not only boosts environmental sustainability, it also offers economic benefits, enhances brand image and promotes accessibility and convenience for users.

The use of photovoltaics not only reduces the operating costs associated with electric vehicle charging, but also reduces dependence on non-renewable energy sources. Furthermore, by integrating EV charging with solar generation, Pole Pro becomes a more attractive option for EV owners and fleet managers alike.

Different energy management modes

Energy management is a key aspect in the integration of solar energy in electric vehicle charging. The e-Charger Pole Pro offers different energy management modes to optimise efficiency and maximise the use of available solar energy. These modes include the exclusive use of solar energy or the combination with the grid to maximise the use of surplus energy by supplementing the grid.

This versatility in energy management makes it possible to adapt to all needs to maximise both the environmental and economic benefits of charging electric vehicles with solar energy.

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