V2C and ChargeTech, present at the largest solar energy exhibition in Northwestern Europe

V2C has taken part in Solar Solutions Amsterdam, the foremost solar energy fair in Northwestern Europe. In collaboration with our official distributor in the Netherlands, ChargeTech, we have showcased the integration of our intelligent e-Chargers with renewable energies, marking a milestone in the transition towards more sustainable mobility.

The Amsterdam Expo has provided the perfect stage to demonstrate how V2C chargers are contributing to a cleaner and more efficient future. Visitors had the opportunity to closely explore our range of products and experience firsthand how V2C technology is transforming the way we charge our electric vehicles, with a focus on solar energy optimization.

Solar Solutions Ámsterdam

Utilizing renewable energies

In a world where sustainability is increasingly crucial, V2C is leading the way by offering solutions that make the most of solar energy. Our intelligent chargers are designed to optimize charging, ensuring efficient utilization of energy generated from renewable sources, further reducing the carbon footprint of electric mobility.

Collaboration with ChargeTech

The collaboration with ChargeTech, our official distributor in the Netherlands, highlighted V2C’s international expansion. We are proud to partner with companies committed to promoting electric mobility and the adoption of renewable energies worldwide. This partnership not only strengthens our presence in the Netherlands but also positions us as a key player in the global market for electric vehicles and charging technologies.

Solar Solutions Ámsterdam V2C - ChargeTech

The Amsterdam Expo was a testament to V2C’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and collaboration. We remain committed to our goal of driving the adoption of electric vehicles and contributing to the building of a greener and more prosperous future for all.

If you missed the Amsterdam Expo, don’t worry! Stay tuned for our upcoming participation in similar events and discover how V2C chargers are leading the electric mobility revolution worldwide. Together, we charge tomorrow.

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