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Calibrate e-Charger

Sometimes it is necessary to readjust the pilot control, the cable that connects the e-Charger to the vehicle and lets them know that both are connected. This parameter allows the communication between the e-Charger and the car to be adjusted more precisely.

When to calibrate?

It is necessary in the following cases:

  • If the car performs intermittent charging.
  • If ‘waiting for VE’ appears on the display when the car is connected.
  • If the vehicle is not connected and ‘VE connected’ is displayed.
  • If ‘error control pilot’, ‘apply state’ or the yellow V2C LED logo is displayed.

How can I calibrate Trydan?

First of all, it is essential to disconnect the vehicle from the e-Charger before calibrating.

You can calibrate from the V2C Cloud app, from www.v2c.cloud on your computer or from the Trydan navigation buttons, always bearing in mind that the charger must be disconnected from the vehicle.

From the V2C Cloud application or www.v2c.cloud:

Follow the directions as shown in the pictures.

From the Trydan navigation buttons:

Access the e-Charger menu by pressing the top and bottom button together for a long time (3s).

Navigate by short presses of the top button until you find the “additional” section.

Press the top button with long presses and navigate again with short presses to “calibration”.

You must accept the calibration by long pressing the top button and, after a few seconds, the message ‘calibrating pilot control’ and ‘calibrated thresholds’ will appear on the display, which means that the calibration has been successful.

Calibrate Trydan from V2C Cloud or www.v2c.cloud

Calibrate Trydan from the navigation buttons

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