Things to consider before buying a portable electric car charger

If you enjoy traveling and own an electric car, surely the first thing you thought about when you bought it was how far you can go on a single charge. If you’ve read our article of the range of an electric car, you’ll know that depending on your vehicle model, you can travel between 150 km and 400 km with a standard one. If you plan to go further, you can purchase a portable electric car charger and hit the road worry-free. In this article, we will explore the key factors to consider when choosing the best portable electric charger for your adventures.

Power and compatibility

One of the most important aspects to consider when selecting a portable electric car charger is the charging power it offers. Make sure the charger is capable of providing adequate power to charge your electric vehicle efficiently. Also, verify that the charger is compatible with the type of portable connector used by your car. Some chargers come with interchangeable adapters to accommodate different types of connectors, which can be especially useful if you plan to rent or share an electric vehicle during your travels.

Portability and size

Since you’ll be on the go during your travels, it’s essential to choose a portable electric car charger that’s easy to transport. Consider the size and weight of the charger, as you don’t want to carry a bulky device that takes up too much space in your luggage. Opt for a compact, lightweight charger that fits comfortably in your backpack or suitcase without causing extra hassle.

Charging speed

Charging speed is another important factor to consider. During your travels, you may have limited time to charge your electric vehicle, so a charger that offers fast charging will be a significant advantage. Look for a charger that supports fast charging and can provide the maximum charging speed allowed by your car. This will allow you to make the most of the time available and continue your adventures without unnecessary delays.

Additional Features

Some portable electric chargers come with additional features that can make your charging experience more convenient. For example, some models have display screens that show charging status, automatic shut-off functions to prevent overcharging, and overvoltage and short-circuit protection. These features can add value and provide peace of mind as you charge your electric vehicle in different locations during your travels.

When choosing the best portable electric charger for your summer travels, it is important to consider factors such as power and compatibility, portability, charging speed and additional features offered by the device. By making an informed choice, you will be able to charge your electric vehicle efficiently and enjoy your summer adventures worry-free. Remember, a reliable and suitable portable electric car charger is a worthwhile investment for any electric vehicle enthusiast planning to travel.

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