V2C launches Alva: safe simultaneous charging and easy installation in business environments

En nuestro compromiso continuo con la innovación, estamos emocionados de presentar Alva, una solución diseñada específicamente para satisfacer las necesidades de las empresas. Con una combinación de alta potencia, flexibilidad y facilidad de uso, Alva promete transformar la infraestructura de carga en entornos empresariales, proporcionando una herramienta eficiente y robusta para la carga de vehículos eléctricos.

In our ongoing commitment to innovation, we are excited to present Alva, a solution specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses. Combining high power, flexibility, and ease of use, Alva promises to transform the charging infrastructure in business environments, providing an efficient and robust tool for charging electric vehicles.

We tell you all about Alva, the charger we introduced during the Power2Drive 2024 event held in Munich.

Alva: power and flexibility for business environments

Alva stands out for its capacity to charge two vehicles simultaneously. With a maximum power of 22kW per socket, Alva is ideal for company fleets or visitors. The dual charging capability is a significant advantage for businesses looking to maximise efficiency and minimise downtime for their electric vehicles.

Safe simultaneous charging

Each charging socket can deliver up to 22kW of power, ensuring that electric vehicles can be recharged efficiently and quickly. Safety in the charging process is our priority, and Alva is designed to meet the highest safety standards, guaranteeing a reliable and seamless user experience.

The simultaneous charging capability not only maximises efficiency but also allows businesses to better manage their resources and ensure that their vehicles are always ready for use, thereby improving fleet operability and productivity.

Quick and easy installation and maintenance

We have designed Alva with ease of installation and maintenance in mind, a crucial feature for businesses looking to rapidly deploy a hassle-free charging infrastructure. It incorporates the latest technology and includes internal electrical protections, further facilitating its installation. Additionally, its intuitive design enables a quick and easy installation, allowing businesses to get their charging points up and running in the shortest possible time.

Moreover, the maintenance of Alva is simple and efficient, reducing operational costs and ensuring that the charger is always in optimal working condition. This ease of installation and maintenance makes Alva an attractive option for businesses seeking a charging solution that is both powerful and practical.

Wireless dynamic power control

Alva incorporates wireless dynamic power control technology, an innovation that allows for dynamic adjustment of charging power based on the specific needs of the environment and connected vehicles. This advanced technology optimises energy use, ensuring an efficient and balanced distribution of charging power, which is especially beneficial in business environments where energy demands can vary significantly.

The dynamic control capability not only enhances energy efficiency but also provides businesses with greater flexibility in managing their charging infrastructures, allowing them to quickly adapt to the changing charging needs of their electric vehicles.

Innovation and commitment to sustainable mobility

With the launch of Alva, we aim to strengthen our commitment to innovation and sustainability in electric mobility. Alva not only represents an advanced solution for electric vehicle charging in business environments but also reflects our vision for the future. Our goal is to promote electric mobility that is accessible, convenient, and sustainable for everyone.

In summary, Alva is a charger that combines high power, flexibility, and advanced technology to offer an efficient and safe business charging solution. Its launch marks an important step in the development of charging infrastructures that support the transition towards more sustainable and efficient mobility in the business sector.

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