Launch of the Volvo EX30 in Tunisia: The strategic partnership between Universal Motors and V2C

Last Wednesday, June 26, Universal Motors, the official importer of Volvo in Tunisia, celebrated the highly anticipated launch of the new Volvo EX30, a 100% electric vehicle poised to revolutionise the country’s automotive market. The event not only marked the arrival of a car with an innovative design and high performance, but also served as a platform to announce a significant strategic alliance between Universal Motors and V2C.

The launch took place in an elegant and sophisticated setting and was attended by Hugo Mestre, Sales Manager at V2C, and Mohamed Ben Jemâa, Chief Executive Officer of Universal Motors.

Hugo Mestre durante el lanzamiento del Volvo EX30

A step forward in electric mobility in Tunisia

The partnership between Universal Motors and V2C represents a crucial milestone on the path towards the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and renewable energies in Tunisia. With the Volvo EX30, Universal Motors offers Tunisian consumers a car that combines avant-garde design with cutting-edge technology. This fully electric vehicle aligns with global trends towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility.

For its part, V2C brings its advanced technology in electric vehicle charging infrastructure. V2C chargers, renowned for their efficiency and reliability, will be essential in accommodating the significant growth of the electric vehicle fleet in the country.

The collaboration between Universal Motors and V2C represents a perfect synergy that goes beyond the mere launch of a new vehicle. This strategic alliance will not only ensure a seamless integration of the Volvo EX30 into the Tunisian market but will also provide advanced charging solutions to all Universal Motors customers. With V2C’s e-Chargers, users will have access to efficient and reliable charging solutions, significantly enhancing their experience and promoting the adoption of electric mobility in Tunisia.

“The partnership with Universal Motors, which combines the revolutionary design and high performance of the Volvo EX30 with V2C’s advanced technology, will strengthen the e-mobility sector in Tunisia. This agreement marks a significant milestone in the adoption of electric vehicles and the use of renewable energy in the country,” states Hicham Hallak, International Sales Manager at V2C.

Expansion of V2C

For V2C, this partnership is a strategic step in its international expansion. Tunisia represents an emerging market with great potential for the adoption of green technologies. With the growing demand for electric vehicles and the need for efficient charging infrastructure, V2C positions itself as a key player in the development of the sector in the country.

The presence of Hugo Mestre at the launch event of the Volvo EX30 underscores the importance of this collaboration and reaffirms V2C’s commitment to innovation and excellence in service. We are determined to provide charging solutions that are accessible, reliable, and sustainable, thus supporting the growth of the electric vehicle market in Tunisia.

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