V2C participates in Energyear Mobility 2024

We have taken part in the first edition of Energyear Mobility 2024, held on the 10th and 11th of July at the iconic Circuito de Madrid Jarama-Race. This conference has been an exceptional platform to promote and discuss innovative solutions in the realm of sustainable mobility, a topic of vital importance for the future of our cities and the planet.

During these two intense days, over 15 panels were held, addressing a wide range of crucial topics such as market vision, the current state of mobility in Spain, regulation, innovation and technology, among others.

Our CEO, Víctor Sanchis, had the honour of participating in the panel “Mobility in Spain: Market Analysis, Regulation, and Key Factors Shaping the Landscape of Sustainable Mobility.” In this space, Víctor shared our vision of the current mobility market in Spain, discussed existing regulations, and highlighted the factors shaping this constantly evolving sector.

Energyear mobility 2024 celebrado en Circuito de Madrid Jarama

The first Energyear sustainable mobility conference

Energyear Mobility 2024 has not only been an opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge but also to establish valuable connections with other leading companies in the sustainable mobility sector. We firmly believe in the importance of collaboration and the exchange of experiences to advance towards a more sustainable and efficient future.

We extend our gratitude to the organisers of Energyear Mobility 2024 for this magnificent opportunity and to all the participants for their valuable collaboration. We look forward to continuing to contribute actively to these spaces of dialogue and action in the future. Thank you for joining us on this journey towards more sustainable mobility!

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